Rollerblading Skills Affirmations

Develop the perfect attitude to enhance your rollerblading abilities with the help of this transformational affirmations album.

Rollerblading Skills Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Is your concentration failing you when you need it the most?
  • Do fears and self-doubts prevent you from skating to your potential?
  • Are you stuck in a slump and unable to push your performance to another level?
  • Do you wish you could have the easy confidence, graceful movements and superlative self-control of the superstar rollerbladers you admire?

Rollerblading is one of the most exciting and exhilarating action sports that require athletic prowess and a great sense of coordination and balance. Serious skaters religiously work on building up their physical stamina and perfecting their technical skills like jumps, spins and flips.

However, if you want to take your rollerblading skills to the next level, then you have to be willing to take your training beyond where most skaters go and start working on your mental strength.

Do you watch star skaters who are able to perform a variety of advance tricks and connect them in a fluid line with effortless grace and wish you could replicate their creativity and focus? Or look with admiration as they propel themselves fearlessly up in the air and do smooth grinds with casual ease and wish you could have their nerve and confidence?

This positive affirmations album can help you develop a winning mindset to overcome all mental obstacles to becoming the skater you always dreamed of becoming!

It is specially designed to reprogram your brain to deflect discouraging thoughts that lead you to lose you self-belief and confidence in your abilities and empower you to stay in control of your performance.

Practice affirmations regularly and you will be able to thrive under pressure and maintain unwavering concentration and focus. That way you will get that additional boost you need to break through your self-imposed limitations and reach your true potential.

What to Expect

Listen to this mp3 regularly and you will soon discover that:

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Are you ready to take action and push your rollerblading skills through the roof? Download this album and get the mindset of a true champion.

Present Tense

  • I am talented at rollerblading
  • I find it easy to stay on my feet while rollerblading
  • I am balanced on my skates
  • I am naturally skilled at rollerblading
  • Rollerblading comes easily to me
  • I am an excellent roller skater
  • I am committed to improving my rollerblading skills
  • I always pick myself up after I fall
  • I effortlessly pick up new tricks
  • I am devoted to improving my skills in rollerblading

Future Tense

  • I am becoming more passionate about rollerblading
  • I will increase my coordination
  • I will always be encouraged to pick myself up when I fall
  • I will always practice hard
  • I will stay focused on my goals for rollerblading
  • I will always skate with intensity
  • I will keep my balance on my skates
  • I am turning into a fast skater
  • I am becoming more coordinated and focused
  • I will dedicate my time to improving my rollerblading skills

Natural Tense

  • Rollerblading comes naturally to me
  • I find it easy to roller skate and not fall
  • Being on my roller skates is the most natural thing in the world
  • Staying balanced on my skates is easy for me
  • Picking up tricks is simple and natural
  • Rollerblading is my natural way of life
  • Rollerblading is a positive thing in my life
  • I am seen as someone who can roller skate effortlessly
  • People see me as someone who never gives up
  • Being a talented roller skater is important to me