Become an Artist Affirmations

Increase your creativity and acquire the mindset that will help you to develop into a true artist with the help of this unique affirmations album.

Become an Artist Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Is your head full of ideas that you want to transfer onto paper, but you seem to lack that something extra that would make them stand out?
  • Are you feeling that your inner artistic vision is unable to come out accurately?
  • Do you want to adopt the mindset that will enable you to let your inner artist out?

Your art, more than anything, is a direct reflection of your state of mind. If you’re unable to fully express it, it’s because there’s something inside you blocking it.

Some artists don’t have that problem: they are able to let it all out, just the way they imagined or felt it. You’re able to do it too, if you can overcome fear and self-doubt and if you open yourself up to your creative self.

This album was designed to help you eliminate all mental blockages and to stimulate the positive development of your imagination and creativity.

What to Expect

Affirmations have the real power to rewire your current thinking patterns and to change the way your mind functions on both a conscious and unconscious level, so with regular use of this album you will be able to create lasting changes which will:

This album will help you to expand your mind and to develop your artistic talent to its fullest potential – there will be no more dissonance between what you want to express and what you are expressing because all the blockages will be removed.

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Take action now – download this album to unleash your inner artist and take your art to the next level!

Present Tense

  • My art is beautiful
  • I am an extremely talented artist
  • I am focused on my art
  • My creativity is boundless
  • My mind is always thinking creatively
  • I am completely dedicated to my art
  • I am always noticing the artistic side of life
  • I express my feelings and emotions through art
  • My mind is wired for artistic expression
  • I translate life into art

Future Tense

  • I will create great art
  • I will become a brilliant artist
  • I am starting to feel more and more creative
  • My artistic skills are growing stronger
  • I am becoming more dedicated to my art
  • I am starting to see the artistic potential in everyday occurrences
  • I am developing the mind of a true artist
  • I will create beautiful works of art
  • I will capture the beauty of life in my art
  • I will creatively express the deeper meanings of life

Natural Tense

  • I live for art
  • I am a natural born painter
  • I can become a great artist
  • I love being creative and expressing myself
  • Being an artist is the most important thing in my life
  • Making great art is something I just do naturally
  • Being highly creative and artistic is just my normal everyday life
  • My mind is constantly coming up with new ideas
  • I eat, breathe and live art
  • I can touch people’s souls with the power of my art