Overcome Writer's Block Affirmations

Overcome your writer's block and open yourself up to the flow of creative ideas with the help of this powerful affirmations album.

Overcome Writer's Block Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Are you unhappy with how your book or article is progressing?
  • Are you struggling with writer’s block often? Now perhaps?
  • Do you want to forget that you ever had problems with consistency and writer’s block and to rewire your mind, to allow your imagination to flow smoothly?

If there’s one thing that’s particularly frustrating about writer’s block, it’s that the more you think about it, the more you struggle to overcome it, the worse it gets. Even when you try to ignore it, when you try to write no matter what, you quickly discover that it’s still there: you’re in front of the screen, your fingers are on the keyboard, but your mind is completely blank.

And so the stress and anxiety get bigger and the words are less and less likely to come.

When you think about it, you probably know what’s going on – your mind is sabotaging you, getting on its own way. So the path to really overcoming writer’s block isn’t to try to ignore it and to push yourself to write – it’s like saying to yourself “don’t think about the pink elephant” and you know what happens then, huh?

You need a completely different approach: instead of focusing on ineffective efforts to put your mind off of your writer’s block, you need to turn your thoughts the other way and to focus on stimulating your creative energies!

This album with affirmations has been designed to do exactly that: by enhancing your positive thinking patterns and your belief in yourself as a writer, affirmations will help you to adopt the mindset of a writer who just can’t stop filling the pages with the right words and brilliant ideas.

What to Expect

Overcoming writer’s block is a matter of opening yourself up to your creativity on both conscious and subconscious levels and this album will help you do that by:

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End your frustration today – download this album and make sure that all the obstacles are removed and allow your creativity to freely come out!

Present Tense

  • I am fearless in the face of writer's block
  • I always overcome writer's block
  • My mind is finely-tuned for writing
  • My creativity with words is endless
  • I am always coming up with new ideas and thoughts
  • I write anything that comes to mind to break through writer’s block
  • My mind is filled with creative ideas
  • I am a fantastic writer
  • Thoughts and ideas are always flowing out of me
  • I am able to smash through writer's block with ease

Future Tense

  • I will overcome writer's block
  • I will keep writing no matter what
  • My creativity is always increasing
  • I am transforming into a highly creative thinker
  • Words and ideas are starting to just flow out of me
  • I will come up with new thoughts and ideas
  • I will become a great writer
  • Each day I become more confident in my writing
  • I am finding it easier to break through writer's block
  • Writer's block will only increase my will to succeed

Natural Tense

  • I can write endlessly
  • I love writing
  • My mind is naturally wired for writing
  • I can tap into my creativity whenever I need
  • Words and ideas are just always flowing out of me
  • Writing for me is like breathing
  • I remain confident and determined in the face of writer's block
  • I can effortlessly come up with new writing ideas
  • Being intensely creative is my natural state
  • Overcoming writer's block is easy