Improve Spelling Affirmations

Use this powerful affirmations mp3 to enhance your spelling skills and make sure your written communication presents you in the best way possible.

Improve Spelling Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Were your essays throughout your schooling always full of red marks?
  • Do you spell one word in three or four ways within the same writing?
  • Do you think of yourself as a lousy speller? Do you think people find you less worthy because of your poor spelling skills?
  • Would you like to become naturally good in spelling and turn your spelling skill into one of your strengths?

You have spent hours and days memorizing the spelling of the words, but it didn’t help. You have followed the teachers’ instructions, read as much as possible, completed hundreds of worksheets, but it didn’t help either. What is the problem then?

English language is exceptionally difficult when it comes to spelling. That is not just the excuse of people who are bad at it, but the result of research. Apart from the fact that English words are not always spelled as they are spoken, it's spelling is full of irregularities and very challenging to learn. Even people whose profession is writing have difficulties with it, even such geniuses as Einstein were terrible at spelling.

Yet, there are people who have no problems with it at all.

This album will help you become exactly like them. You will easily remember the spelling of words and be able to memorize a great number of them.

This album was created for people like you who need extra help with learning how to spell. Although your conscious self does almost everything you are supposed to do when learning this important skill, your subconscious needs help to transform you into a great speller.

Our affirmations are designed to stimulate your subconscious to adopt behavior that will lead you to success in spelling, as well as activate the parts of your brain that are responsible for this skill. They are a simple but powerful tool which speeds up the absorbance of techniques and patterns that you need when remembering the spelling.

What to Expect

They will help you in these two ways:

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Download this album now to become a great speller and impress others with your spelling skills!

Present Tense

  • I am a great speller
  • I like spelling
  • I easily remember the spelling of words
  • I memorize new words
  • I have a focused mind
  • I am great at memorizing words
  • I impress people with my spelling skills
  • I spell words perfectly
  • I easily learn new words
  • I am a fast learner

Future Tense

  • I am learning fast
  • My employers are noticing how well I spell
  • I will spell accurately
  • I am improving my spelling memory
  • I will focus easily
  • I am growing fond of spelling
  • Learning new words is becoming easy
  • I am earning respect from others for my spelling skills
  • I am learning new words daily
  • I am remembering more words easily

Natural Tense

  • Spelling comes naturally to me
  • My spelling is flawless
  • My memory is sharp
  • Learning words feels natural
  • Being a great speller is one of my strengths
  • Spelling tests are easy for me
  • My spelling abilities are apparent to others
  • Spelling is fun
  • Memorizing new words comes naturally to me
  • Grammar and spelling rules are easy to remember