Revision Aid: Exam Success Affirmations

Become a student of ingrained good learning habits and learn what it feels like to pass exam after exam with the help of this powerful affirmations mp3.

Revision Aid: Exam Success Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you think there is no need to put any effort into revising since you are just a jinx – no matter how much you learn you will always fail?
  • Do you find yourself unable to focus on studying, but letting your thoughts wander?
  • Is your first impulse to postpone revising or studying because it seems there is still enough time?
  • Do you want to start thinking differently about studying – to start actually enjoying it and to pass exams with no trouble?

Exams are a necessary part of our education and in order to pass them, we have to revise a lot. The aim of the revision is to be prepared. But most of the time, it seems that you can never be prepared. Or at least you feel so. Then you think, why bother anyway?

On the other hand, it is really difficult to be focused on studying, for example, when it is such a beautiful day outside and you could go for a walk after so many hours spent sitting at the desk. Sometimes the amount of materials you have to revise causes dizziness in your head - it could either be the number of subjects you have to review or the length of the content that you have to memorize. And when you think of the stress that exams provoke, don’t you just want to run away?

Well, you know that this kind of attitude will get you nowhere. But imagine this for a second: what if studying and revising was something you loved to do? Something you'd be doing rather than getting out and something you look forward to because you just can't wait to get those good grades?

The reason we created this album is to help you acquire the mindset of someone who enjoys learning. These positive statements will get to the very bottom of your subconscious and eliminate even the tiniest distractions, which cause your repulsiveness toward revising. They will create a completely new pattern of thinking that will support your desire to study and pass exams.

What to Expect

These affirmations work by:

These affirmations will awaken your desire to learn and achieve the best. They will help you organize your learning, in order to be relaxed when taking exams and make you embrace the challenge which taking exams brings to you.

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Start with this radical change right now by downloading this album and turning yourself into a sharp-memory student who is confident and prepared to shine on exams!

Present Tense

  • I am a great student
  • I study often
  • I pass exams easily
  • I enjoy taking tests
  • I study hard
  • I look forward to studying
  • I ignore distractions
  • I have good grades
  • I succeed in stressful situations
  • I always focus on my studies

Future Tense

  • I will pass my exams
  • I am becoming adept at studying
  • I will get good grades
  • I am learning to enjoy studying
  • I will be relaxed during exams
  • I will enjoy the challenge of a tough exam
  • I will thrive under pressure
  • I will stay focused while studying
  • I will begin studying long before exams are scheduled
  • I will recall information quickly

Natural Tense

  • Studying hard comes naturally to me
  • Others expect me to get good grades
  • Focusing feels natural to me
  • Getting good grades is natural for me
  • Passing exams comes easily to me
  • My memory is sharp
  • Recalling information is easy
  • Taking tests is enjoyable
  • Exams are fun
  • Good study habits are ingrained in me