Pass Your Driving Test Affirmations

Use these affirmations to eliminate all negative thoughts and feelings which prevent you from passing your driving test and gain control over your mindset and emotions to make sure that you are fully prepared to pass.

Pass Your Driving Test Affirmations CD Album Cover
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  • Does driving test, like every other test in your life, make your palms sweat?
  • Do you keep imagining the worst that can happen while you’re driving?
  • Have you already become a joke amongst your friends for failing the driving test several times?
  • Do you want to gain the mindset that will give you the best chance to pass?

Imagine being like all those people who can maintain their calmness and confidence and pass their driving test without any stress or worry. Their concentration level is high, their emotions controlled and they do everything without a single mistake. They remember the sequence of all the necessary actions and do them with tranquility and easiness.

They're in control, and that's the main difference between them and you.

But don't desperate, you can be like those people, too. No matter what your previous experiences make you feel and think, you can change all of that and not only pass your driving test, but become an exceptionally good driver!

These affirmations can help you to be persistent enough to push through failures and challenges which taking the driving exam brings to you. They will help you to overcome all distractions that prevent you from passing it successfully by stimulating your mind to re-program the patterns that control your performance during the test.

What to Expect

This album acts in two main ways. It will:

This album will help you to stop making the usual mistakes: panicking when you see other car approach or when you see a pedestrian on the crossing. Your memory will work perfectly and the necessary sequence of actions you have to take will become something that you just naturally do.

Download this mp3 to turn into a natural born driver - boost your confidence and make sure that you will pass your driving exam with flying colors!

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Present Tense

  • I am sailing through my driving test
  • I am a focused driver
  • I am confident in my driving abilities
  • I am calm and relaxed behind the wheel
  • I enjoy driving
  • I am an aware driver
  • I am staying calm during my driving test
  • I am enjoying my driving test
  • I am focusing on passing my driving test
  • I am passing my test

Future Tense

  • I will be confident during my driving test
  • I will be focused behind the wheel
  • I will remain calm during my test
  • I will enjoy taking my driving test
  • I will concentrate on my driving
  • I will be free from distractions
  • I will pass my driving test
  • I will thrive under pressure
  • I will stay in control while taking my test
  • I am going to easily pass my test

Natural Tense

  • Driving comes naturally to me
  • I have confidence in my driving
  • Focusing is easy for me
  • My concentration level is high
  • Driving tests are easy to me
  • My demeanor is calm
  • Others see me as a careful driver
  • My awareness is high when behind the wheel
  • My emotions are controlled
  • Driving tests are fun