Smile More Affirmations

Use this powerful affirmations mp3 to become the kind of person who is naturally positive and whose magnetic smile brings happiness and elicits trust in others.

Smile More Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Does your forehead frown most of the day?
  • Do you find it difficult to smile or laugh even when others do it?
  • Are you tired of repelling people because of your miserable and somber face?
  • Would you like to spread positive energy to others with the power of your smile? Or simply smile at the world each and every day?

Everything around us has a great impact on our mood and our mood is generally pictured in the expression on our faces. The world around us, our thoughts and our interaction with others dictate the way we feel. Our feelings are reflected in our facial expressions. But the same way our feelings influence the look on our faces, the reverse process happens too: our facial expressions affect our feelings.

The positive impact of smiling to our health, mood or lifestyle has been proven for years. The benefits of smiling are many – it reduces anxiety and stress, it slows the heart and relaxes the body, it lifts your mood and makes you look younger. When you smile, even if it is not entirely genuine from the start, you release endorphins and improve your mood instantly.

Now imagine becoming one of those people who always brighten the room they enter. Imagine people always noticing you for your smile and you will find it easy to smile at them. It is possible that smile turns out to be your best feature.

You can take charge of your mood if you really decide to and this affirmations album can help you do that - it will help you put on a smile on your face and keep it throughout the day. Affirmations will stimulate your mind to change the way you feel and with time, as these positive thoughts take root within you, smiling and being happy will become your normal expression.

What to Expect

The affirmations on this album will help you to:

A smile on your face makes you look more relaxed, confident and self-assured. This simple change in expression results in a real change in mood, so you can use this album to lift yourself just as well as you can use it to create a lasting change that will turn you into someone who just naturally smiles.

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This album can be your ticket to a happier and more successful life, so download it now and learn what it feels like to be able to change your mood and the way others react to you with a simple, natural and honest smile!

Present Tense

  • I am always smiling
  • I smile at everyone I see
  • I smile at the whole world
  • I light up a room with my smile
  • My smile is contagious
  • I am always positive and smiling
  • Other people always notice my smile
  • I have a great smile
  • I spread positive energy to others with the power of my smile
  • I am always happy and smiling

Future Tense

  • I will smile more
  • I am noticing myself smiling more and more
  • Smiling at others is becoming easier
  • I will smile at the world each and every day
  • Smiling is changing the way I feel
  • I am turning into someone who is always smiling and feeling good
  • Smiling more is starting to feel easy and natural
  • I am beginning to enjoy smiling at other people
  • I am transforming into someone who is happy and smiling all the time
  • Every day it feels more natural to smile and be happy

Natural Tense

  • I enjoy smiling
  • I find it easy to smile at other people
  • Smiling and being happy is a normal part of my every day life
  • I feel good when I smile
  • When I smile I make others happy
  • My smile is magnetic!
  • Life is so much better when I am smiling
  • My smile is one of my best features
  • The more I smile the happier I seem to feel
  • People are attracted to my smile and my positive energy