Bodybuilding Affirmations

Develop a mindset that will enable you to achieve your top bodybuilding shape and max out on your potential with the help of our positive bodybuilding affirmations album.

Bodybuilding Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you cut your workouts short because you can’t complete all the reps?
  • Would you like to be less hesitant to push through the pain of lifting heavy weights?
  • Do you compare yourself to others and wonder why their muscles are bigger and stronger than yours?
  • Do you want a simple but powerful method to help you reach your full bodybuilding potential and make people admire you?

Bodybuilding is a demanding sport. Spending so much money on the appropriate foods and the proper amounts of proteins upsets you. The long hours in the gym make it impossible for you to have a decent social life.

Oh, and every time you need to push through the pain and increase weight, you feel like crying. You tell yourself everything will get better but the real breakthroughs and a fantastic body shape seem to only happen to others.

You like the idea of bodybuilding, you wish you could grow these strong, curved, big muscles and you wish people to see you as the top sportsman.

As a champion.

Well, maybe it’s just not meant to be.

But don’t quit just yet! The truth is, you wouldn’t be on this page unless you’re aiming high. Unless you've conquered the self-discipline and hard work.

You should know though, your willpower and the quality of your training sessions are not the problem. Your mind frame is.

Take a nice deep look into your soul and ask yourself: “How big can I really, truly get?“ If you picture yourself as this huge, strong and powerful athlete simply carry on with what you’re doing and you’ll be fine.

But if you can't imagine yourself pass the current state, the fact is, your limiting beliefs are holding you back.

Big time.

Your subconsciousness tells you that you cannot achieve the exquisite, mega-muscle knockout body you want so much. That it is difficult to train heavy and push yourself to the limits every single time you work out and that you cannot take good care of your nutrition.

But here’s the thing. If you choose to commit to being a standout bodybuilder and if you're ready to pursue your dream and tap into your personal power, you need a proper method to help you get rid of these self-limiting beliefs.

And our bodybuilding positive affirmations audio is THE tool for the job. Not only listening to this MP3 will help you eliminate what's holding you back, but it will also boost your motivation and build your self-confidence.

What to Expect

Listening to and repeating these affirmations, daily will:

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Download your MP3 bodybuilding affirmations album now and pump up your mind to the max, just like you will your muscles as you listen to it!

Present Tense

  • I am a successful bodybuilder
  • My muscles are huge
  • I am highly motivated to bulk up
  • I always push through the pain
  • I have developed an excellent bodybuilding routine
  • My dedication to bodybuilding is unsurpassed
  • I am driven to achieve bodybuilding excellence
  • My physique is strong and healthy
  • I am consistent in my workout routine
  • My bodybuilding knowledge is extensive

Future Tense

  • I will become a successful bodybuilder
  • People will recognize me as an elite athlete
  • My muscles are growing bigger and bigger
  • My muscular appearance will be noticed wherever I go
  • I am transforming into a championship bodybuilder
  • People will seek my advice concerning bodybuilding
  • I will fearlessly compete with seasoned bodybuilders
  • I will stay dedicated to reaching my bodybuilding goals
  • My muscular growth will be limitless
  • I will shed any excess fat

Natural Tense

  • I have a very muscular body
  • Bodybuilding is my passion
  • I know how to increase my fitness level
  • My strength and endurance are extremely high
  • I dream of becoming a champion bodybuilder
  • A strong level of determination is what drives me
  • I am willing to dedicate as much time as needed to my workouts
  • People encourage and support me
  • Being strong and healthy is a natural part of my life
  • Bodybuilding is a way of life for me