Six-Pack Abs Affirmations

Build the six-pack others are dreaming about — use this mighty affirmations recording and employ your mind’s power to help you get them.

Six-Pack Abs Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • You shaped the killer body, but you’re still struggling to define the abs?
  • Do you want to stop dreaming about the stunning six-pack dream and reasoning you can’t have them?
  • Would you like to laser-focus your mind on building the flawless abdominal muscles you want so bad?

The perfect day at the beach.

The sun is shining and groups of girls are sunbathing, swimming and checking your buddy and you out. You’re both tanned, lean and super fit.

Just the way the finest ladies like. Your biceps provoke a bunch of smiles.

Oh, isn’t this day promising?

But then, your buddy and you take off your T-shirts and all the magic evaporates.

Now, all the girls are looking at him. You are as fit, strong and handsome, yet, he seems to reap all the attention.


Except, you know why don’t you? It’s the six-pack. His abs make him look like a goddamn underwear model while yours...

Well, they’re merely a stomach. You’re not fat or anything. It’s just that, the ripped six-pack abs point out a high level of physical fitness, look glamorous and girls love them.

Hey, don’t be sad, enjoy your day.

But when you get back home, start building. Not your body though. Your mind.

The thing is, if you want to turn pretty heads and overhear the obscure (and obscene) whispers on behalf of your body, you need to train your mindset first.

Your friend didn’t build his abdominal muscles by wishful thinking. He understood exactly what his goal was. He was focused and determined. He was confident and went for it.

So will you.

More so, if you try out this six-pack abs affirmations album, you’ll find that it’ll take you less time and effort to achieve your goal than you could have ever hoped for.

Our album will help you keep your money on the prize and instill you with all the confidence you need to get those bulging abs you’re after.

What to Expect

Listening to this album will:

To go with your breathtaking six-pack abs, of course.

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Download this six-pack abs affirmations audio now and get ready to swipe away anybody who sets their eyes on you at the beach!

Present Tense

  • My abs are lean
  • I always work my ab muscles with intensity
  • My waistline is slim and perfect
  • I have the right combination of diet and exercise
  • My abdominal muscles are well defined
  • I am determined to have six-pack abs
  • My abs are healthy
  • My core muscles are incredibly strong
  • My abs receive excellent blood flow and nutrition
  • Others admire my great looking six-pack

Future Tense

  • I will have six-pack abs
  • My waistline is becoming smaller
  • My abs are becoming leaner every day
  • My core will be sleek and sexy
  • I will maintain a healthy weight and keep my abs defined
  • People will be amazed at the definition of my abs
  • I will remain focused on my workout routine
  • My clothes will fit better and I will look more attractive
  • I will develop massive confidence in my body
  • My abs are growing stronger and stronger

Natural Tense

  • My abs are naturally strong
  • I love my well-defined abs
  • I am naturally well-proportioned
  • My back and core muscles are strong
  • Staying consistent with my workout is easy
  • I have strong lower abdominal muscles
  • My strengthening technique is perfect
  • Losing weight and becoming toned comes easy for me
  • My ab muscles are naturally toned and defined
  • I have the proper body fat ratio