Relationship Jealousy Affirmations

Overcome jealousy and set the foundations for a healthy and lasting relationship with the help of this powerful affirmations album.

Relationship Jealousy Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you sometimes think that your partner has another?
  • Do you get suspicious when your partner stays at work longer than usual, or when s/he gets on too well with a friend or a co worker of the opposite sex?
  • Are you jealous even though your partner has shown their devotion to you many times over?
  • Do you tend to make jealous scenes?
  • Are you afraid that your partner might have had enough of your jealous behavior?
  • Do you want to set your mind free from jealousy and to show your partner that you trust him/her and that s/he can trust you too?

Jealousy might sometimes be good in relationships – it shows that you still care. But if you find yourself being jealous far too often, imagining what your partner is doing when s/he's not with you and driving yourself and him/her crazy with your suspicious behavior, then you need to do something about it and do it now, before it gets too late.

The main reason for obsessive jealousy is one partner's low self-esteem which causes them to believe, deep down, that they aren't worthy enough and that their partner might realize that one day and leave them.

If you're the jealous one in your relationship then you need to realize that your partner has made a choice, s/he chose you over all others and s/he keeps choosing you every day. These are the facts and now you need to accept them deep inside, in order to truly overcome your jealousy.

This album will help you with that – affirmations, when repeated long enough, can help you to develop the mindset that will make you increase your belief in yourself and put complete trust in your partner. They will stimulate the parts of your mind which already want to trust your partner and rewire the thought processes that control how you feel about your relationship.

What to Expect

This album works by:

You can use this album in two ways: as an immediate remedy, whenever you feel jealousy sneaking up on you to release its grasp and as a long-term aid, which will gradually change your belief system and help you to put your jealousy behind once and for all.

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Don't let jealousy ruin (yet another one of?) your relationships – download this album now to heal your thoughts and to give your relationship a real chance!

Present Tense

  • I realise that my partner chooses to be with me and nobody else
  • My partner and I are both happy in our relationship
  • I discuss any issues with my partner
  • I enjoy being in a relationship
  • I can easily express my opinions and feelings
  • I am naturally trusting of my partner
  • I find it easy not to get jealous in my relationship
  • I am a naturally positive person
  • My life and relationship are great
  • Other people see me as happy and fulfilled

Future Tense

  • I will become more confident within my relationship
  • I will forget my past issues
  • Every day I trust my partner more
  • Other people are starting to notice how my confidence has increased
  • I will not constantly accuse my partner of cheating
  • I will not ruin any more relationships with my jealousy
  • I am turning into someone who is more trusting
  • I am naturally becoming more confident and positive
  • I will begin to smile more and show the world how happy I am
  • I am becoming happier every day

Natural Tense

  • I will not let my past issues reflect on my new relationship
  • Others are envious of my trusting relationship
  • My relationship is a huge part of my life and I will not jeopardise this
  • I realise that it is important for my partner to have friends of the opposite sex
  • My partners happiness is very important to me
  • My relationship makes me happy
  • I know that there is no one but me that my partner is interested in
  • I am becoming more relaxed in my relationship
  • Being less jealous has improved my life
  • My optimism is increasing every day