Confidence with Women Affirmations

Use this powerful affirmations album to transform the way you feel and act around women and to build a natural confidence to approach them and talk to them the right way.

Confidence with Women Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Are you naturally shy around women?
  • Do you go into panic mode when you’re about to talk to an attractive woman?
  • Do you want to be more relaxed and confident around women and to attain a natural ease that builds attraction right from the first moment?

What is it, how can guys far worse looking and making a lot less money than you be so relaxed with women, make them listen to every word they say and just seem to effortlessly attract them? What is it about them? And what is it with you that you get so confused, so insecure and anxious that you either can’t think of what to say or you come on too strong in an unsuccessful attempt to impress them?

When you come to think of it, the only difference is in the way you perceive women. You, unlike these other men, have put them on a pedestal or are so intimidated by them that you can’t see them for the normal human beings they are. So when around them, you don’t act as if you were in the presence of a normal human being.

You have developed a certain set of beliefs which makes you think you’re somehow less worthy, less interesting, that you have less to offer than what those women expect. But guess what, women expect a man to be a man, as simple as that. That’s why a confident man will always win them over, no matter how he looks or how much money he has!

In order to help you develop this kind of natural confidence with women we have created this album with affirmations designed to alter this aspect of your mindset. It’s a simple shift in attitude and self-beliefs which can be adopted within a few weeks of regular use.

What to Expect

As these positive statements about you and your attitude towards women become more and more present in your mind, it will eventually start accepting them as true and influence both the way you perceive them and the way you act around them, making you:

This album will make you more naturally outgoing and relaxed, helping you to create a real relationship with a woman you’re interested in and to overcome any obstacles which are now preventing you from showing your best to her.

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Don’t wait – download this album to change the way you perceive women and to gain that natural confidence that they simply can’t resist.

Present Tense

  • I am always confident with women
  • My mind is naturally relaxed around attractive women
  • Women find me interesting
  • I am comfortable with just being myself
  • Women are attracted to my positive and friendly attitude
  • I am open and inviting to everyone I meet
  • I am naturally outgoing and charismatic
  • Women are naturally attracted to my confidence
  • I always feel confident and outgoing
  • I am a great guy who deserves to meet beautiful women

Future Tense

  • I will keep developing my confidence
  • My confidence with women is building
  • I will relax and just be myself
  • I will enjoy meeting new women
  • I will confidently approach any woman
  • Women will be drawn to my confidence
  • I am starting to feel naturally confident and at ease
  • Talking to beautiful women is feeling easier and easier
  • I am starting to feel more confident around women
  • I will talk to women with confidence and ease

Natural Tense

  • I have a natural confidence with women
  • Women are most attracted to me when I am just being myself
  • Women can sense my self confidence
  • Talking to beautiful women is a great pleasure
  • I enjoy meeting and connecting with new women
  • I am always excited to talk to an attractive lady
  • Confidently flirting with women is fun
  • Being myself is the most important thing
  • Women always enjoy my company
  • I deserve to feel confident and sure of myself