Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Affirmations

Use this unique affirmations album to make peace with your past mistakes and win your ex-girlfriend back by making sure they don’t happen again – and making sure she believes you!

Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Was it your fault that your relationship didn’t turn out as you hoped it would?
  • Are you aware deep down that it won’t be easy for her to forgive you?
  • Are you totally committed to getting her back?
  • Do you want to make sure that you have the best possible chance to win her over again?

It’s really difficult to admit that we are the reason why our relationship wasn’t successful. It’s always easier to blame it on the other person, but if you’re here and if you are aware that you’re the one who messed up, then you have taken the most important step.

Now it’s only a matter of making her believe you.

Did you cheat on her? Were you rude to her once too many times? Did she get tired of waiting for you to find a real job? No matter what it was that you messed up, this album can help you to understand how it all looks to her, to realize just how deeply you have hurt her and to find the right way to make her forgive you.

It’s great that you understand that you made mistakes, but to make her really believe you and get back to you, you need to find a way to see things from her point of view – that’s the only way you’ll be able to find the right words and the right way to say them. Otherwise you can mess it up with too many explanations, with one wrong “but” or simply by being too impatient.

Because, chances are that you’re still making excuses for yourself in your mind. And it could show in the least desirable moment.

This album will help you to acquire just the right mindset that will help you to both accept your mistakes and take responsibility for them and to instill within you a deep desire to change. Your words will have no meaning if she doesn’t feel that you’ve changed, or at least that you’re totally committed to it and this album will help you to persuade her – with a changed mindset, you won’t be faking it and she will be able to see it.

What to Expect

This album has two primary goals:

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Give yourself the best chance to win your ex girlfriend back – download this album and open yourself to really show her how you feel, with no faking or holding back!

Present Tense

  • I accept that I have made mistakes
  • I am eager to change
  • I am willing to compromise more
  • I am confident that I can get what I want
  • I am sorry for the mistakes I made
  • I can easily express my feelings
  • I can get what I want out of life
  • I am able to appreciate my ex-girlfriend much more
  • I am able to speak out and tell her how I feel
  • I always try my best in every situation

Future Tense

  • I will be more caring in the future
  • I will listen more to what my ex girlfriend has to say
  • I will try to rectify all of the mistakes I have previously made
  • Every day my self confidence increases
  • I will become more honest with myself and others
  • I will be able to admit my faults more readily
  • I will become more naturally truthful
  • I am becoming more positive every day
  • Being back in my relationship will improve my life
  • I am finding myself more sincere every day

Natural Tense

  • I enjoy being in a relationship
  • Others envy my new self confidence and honesty
  • I realise that my relationship was a positive part of my life
  • I can remain positive even in the face of rejection
  • I can always try harder and never give up
  • I find it easy to express my feelings when I need to
  • Other people see how positive I now am
  • I realise that honesty is the difference between success and failure
  • I am strong enough to go out and get what I want
  • Rejection has made me a stronger person