Pickup Artist Mindset Affirmations

Develop the mindset of a natural pickup artist to tune into female signals and start attracting one woman after another with the help of this unique affirmations album.

Pickup Artist Mindset Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you love women, but find it difficult to approach them and make them pay attention to you?
  • Have you tried to learn the tricks of a pickup artist but you haven’t really adopted them as yours?
  • Do you want to become natural at seducing women, to develop that sixth sense that will help you to know exactly what to say and how to behave with every single woman you meet?

Do you know how some guys just have it in them – they can approach any woman they want, totally confident of themselves, just knowing that they deserve to be with beautiful women and somehow making them believe it too?

It takes a certain attitude to be this successful in picking up women. They also have a sixth sense and can tell when you’re faking it, when you’re not sure of yourself and trying to mask your insecurity, so you have to really have it in you, to master the deep inner game and to be really free from all limiting beliefs.

This album can help you to acquire this mindset and to rewrite your subconscious patterns to make you develop the mindset of an alpha male and to help you to start acting like one from your heart.

What to Expect

This album works to instill within you a new set of positive beliefs which will:

This album will give you drive and focus which will make you super positive and outgoing around women, implanting the core positive beliefs about your ability to seduce any woman you want within your subconscious mind so that this attitude becomes a natural part of your personality.

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Download this album now and transform your experience with women – become the one they’ve been waiting for and allow yourself to choose who you’ll be with!

Present Tense

  • I am assertive
  • I am confident and unstoppable
  • I will fearlessly approach any woman
  • I always have fun picking up women
  • My personality is magnetic
  • I always have beautiful women around me
  • I am super positive and outgoing
  • I always know when to take things to the next level
  • My mind is tuned into every pickup opportunity
  • Women are attracted to my ability to just be myself

Future Tense

  • I will transform into the ultimate pickup artist
  • I am becoming totally fearless
  • My mind is becoming highly attuned to female signals
  • I will approach women with confidence and positive energy
  • Women will be attracted to my awesome vibe
  • I will just relax and be myself
  • I am growing more and more confident
  • I am becoming a natural with the ladies
  • I am noticing that picking up women is becoming easier
  • I will have beautiful women around me all the time

Natural Tense

  • Picking up women is easy
  • I can approach any woman and have fun no matter what happens
  • I deserve to meet beautiful women
  • Women are naturally attracted to me
  • I can be dominant and assertive when needed
  • Others see me as a natural pickup artist
  • I am effortlessly outgoing
  • Women are naturally drawn to my confidence
  • I have the perfect state of mind for picking up women
  • My pickup potential is limitless