Become the Alpha Male Affirmations

Use this transformational affirmations album to become the natural leader, dominant alpha male who naturally attracts women and is looked up to in any social setting.

Become the Alpha Male Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you often let your more confident friends take the lead with women or in any other social situation?
  • Are you normally the one who stays in the shadow of others? Are you tired of it?
  • Does it annoy you that you don’t have much choice when it comes to dating, because those most beautiful and interesting will normally go after your more dominant friends?
  • Do you want to become that dominant figure in your social circles, the one who chooses because all choices are naturally his?

In any society and social group there’s always one member who stands out, the one whose natural place in the group is the place of leader. That member, that “special” person is the one everyone wants to be around, the one everyone admires and emulates.

When it comes to men, this one, the alpha, usually gets all the best women. Not because he claims them, but because they recognize him as the strongest and most desirable one and they naturally choose him over all others.

Fortunately, one doesn’t have to be born as an alpha to have the traits of an alpha and if you acquire the character traits of an alpha – assertiveness, dominance, confidence and as a result of these, influence over others – you will be perceived as an alpha.

The most obvious benefit of acquiring this mindset is that you will no longer be trying to win affection of women because they will be naturally driven to you, which the puts you in the position to choose between them. If this is something you’d like to experience, then it’s about time to use this album and to develop the mindset and attitude of a natural alpha male.

Affirmations will stimulate the positive change in your belief system and help you to establish new thought patterns, which will give you the traits of a dominant male. They will implant positive self-beliefs in your mind and cultivate them until they become a part of your personality, until it simply becomes who you are.

What to Expect

This album will:

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This album will change much more than your dating life – it will make you more successful in business and all other areas, so download it now and turn your life upside down by changing your perception of yourself and changing the way others perceive you!

Present Tense

  • I am an alpha male
  • I am dominant
  • I am always relaxed and calm
  • I am assertive and powerful
  • Others see me as powerful and self assured
  • My confidence is rock solid
  • All women are naturally attracted to me
  • I can take the lead in any social situation
  • I am totally secure in myself
  • I speak with authority

Future Tense

  • I will transform into an alpha male
  • I am becoming more and more alpha
  • I am finding it easier to take the lead in social situations
  • My core personality is becoming more confident and assertive
  • Others are starting to notice my self assured attitude
  • People will respect me
  • I will always speak my mind
  • Women will be naturally drawn to me
  • Women are starting to see me as a leader and decision maker
  • I will continually strengthen my alpha traits

Natural Tense

  • Being an alpha male is just the way I am
  • Women are naturally attracted to my alpha characteristics
  • Confidence is my natural right
  • Being assertive and dominant are just who I am
  • I enjoy being the leader in social situations
  • I love being the alpha male
  • Others look up to me for my strength of character
  • I am highly respected
  • I make women feel safe and secure
  • My alpha maleness allows women to feel more feminine