Stop Being Mr. Nice Affirmations

Use this transformational affirmations album to overcome your 'Mr. Nice' mindset – stop waiting for girls to notice you and take control over your romantic life.

Stop Being Mr. Nice Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Are you usually the shy, lonely guy in the corner at the parties?
  • Do you end up in the friend zone with the women you know more often than you'd like?
  • Do you want to step out of your comfort zone and to take charge over your relationships with women?

Being natural with women, staying confident and assertive without being overly standoffish is the way to success with them. Still, many guys think it's better to be friendly and nice, they believe that their kindness will win them over – but it almost never happens.

Other guys behave like that simply because that's the way they are: they're too shy or have low self-confidence so they are being nice because that's safer or they simply don't know how to behave differently.

If you too are playing Mr. Nice, afraid to step out of your comfort zone and to take things into your hands, then it's time to do something about it – you probably see for yourself that this approach is getting you nowhere. As this is a matter of mindset, this album will help you to change your attitude and behavior towards women and start showing confidence and assertiveness, which will help you to express your interest in a woman without being annoying or coming across as self-centered.

What to Expect

When used regularly, this album will penetrate your mind and alter the thought patterns which are influencing your attitude and behavior. They act as a booster, which will help you to change the things which are holding you back in your relationships with women and they will:

With regular use, you will become the type of man who isn't afraid to ask and show his appreciation – you will no longer be sending mixed signals and you'll still be an OK guy.

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Take action now, download this album and find this sweet spot to make your relationships with women exactly the way you want them to be!

Present Tense

  • I am independent
  • I express my feelings from the start
  • I assert myself in the relationship
  • I assume a healthy position of power in the relationship
  • I carry a mysterious personality
  • I show women respect without being overly kind
  • I am loving and appreciative of her in a positive way
  • I say what I need to say
  • I make sure my true thoughts are heard
  • I am confident with myself

Future Tense

  • I will stop being pushed around
  • I will stop saying yes to everything
  • I will open myself up to new possibilities
  • I will be considerate and cool
  • I will drop my nervousness on dates
  • I will let the conversation take its natural path
  • I will stop being walked over by women
  • I will stop getting put in the friend zone
  • I will stop being taken advantage of
  • I will stop trying to please everyone

Natural Tense

  • I always do what I want to do
  • I naturally express my feelings from the start
  • I simply focus on making myself happy
  • I am aware of her feelings as well as my own
  • I strictly monitor my coldness
  • I allow my true personality to shine though
  • I naturally speak my mind
  • I always let her know what I think
  • Women see me as cool, confident and mysterious
  • I am naturally intriguing to women