Stop Nightmares Affirmations

Stop your nightmares and get your dose of relaxing and refreshing sleep with the help of this powerful affirmations album.

Stop Nightmares Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you keep having the same nightmare, over and over again?
  • Are you starting to feel the consequences of poor sleeping – lack of focus, fatigue, apathy?
  • Are you noticing that you’re going to bed expecting to wake up terrified?
  • Do you want to stop your nightmares and to ensure you’ll sleep in peace?

Everyone has a nightmare once in a while – they usually come as the result of a stressful day or some particularly disturbing thought or image (horror movies, anyone?). But sometimes they come in cycles, night after night or you can go several days or weeks without them and bang! It strikes again.

This kind of nightmares is particularly disturbing because it usually creates in people the expectation and fear that they will have the nightmare again, which increases the likelihood of it really happening: our mind just loves to give us what we expect it to give us, so when we expect a nightmare, we will get a nightmare.

If you want to get rid of yours, this album can help you do it for good!

As nightmares are a result of built up stress and anxiety, caused by negative memories and thoughts, positive thoughts are the best way to fight them – they simply neutralize the effects of the negative ones and stimulate the changes within your subconscious that will change the patterns which make the nightmares appear.

What to Expect

This album works by:

This album will be most effective if you use it right before you go to sleep, but you can also listen to it during the day for deeper and stronger effect.

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Stop your nightmares naturally! Download this album now and see the difference within a few days – perhaps even tonight you will have a good nights sleep and pleasant dreams!

Present Tense

  • I am happy
  • My body is relaxed
  • I dream peacefully
  • I always sleep soundly
  • My mind is focused on positive thoughts
  • I always have nice dreams
  • I am calm and positive
  • I am a peaceful sleeper
  • My dreams are beautiful and full of happy thoughts
  • I am at peace in my bed

Future Tense

  • I will have peaceful dreams
  • I will relax my mind as I fall asleep
  • I will let go of negative thoughts as I fall asleep
  • I am finding myself having better and better dreams
  • I am starting to feel well rested every morning
  • Calming myself down before bed is becoming easier
  • I will let go of all my stress and anxiety
  • Every day my dreams are becoming more and more positive
  • I will overcome my nightmares
  • I will think positively when falling asleep

Natural Tense

  • I have positive dreams naturally
  • I love sleeping and dreaming
  • I am naturally relaxed as I fall asleep
  • Peaceful dreams are my natural right
  • I can shift the nature of my dreams with positive thoughts
  • I have wonderful dreams every night
  • Having nice dreams is normal for me
  • I can control my dreams
  • Dreaming is positive and natural
  • My mind is naturally focused on the positive