Confidence Booster Pack

Do you find yourself poorly prepared to properly handle stressful and challenging situations? Is your “habit” of being self-conscious and hesitant exactly when you shouldn’t be, preventing you from even dreaming about having a better life?

If you’re tired of not feeling good about yourself and of constantly looking for confirmation from others, then read on.

Discover how you can develop self-confidence so powerful that you’ll never again doubt your worth and the value you provide – and allow yourself to finally start taking action towards achieving your dreams!

Do you recognize yourself in any of these statements:

You know, everybody had some self-confidence issues at some point in life, even those who seem completely self-assured.

Still, for those with high self-confidence, these fluctuations are only temporary and not as intense - they have no power to drastically impact the way these people feel about themselves because their self-beliefs remain positive. Not in an unrealistic way, but by acknowledging their strength and weaknesses and recognizing their worth they have come to develop a self-image that serves them and supports them.

Because of that, these people cope with life's problems better than others and they usually get a lot more breaks because others perceive them as smarter and more capable.

People with low self-confidence on the other hand, often doubt themselves and those daily ups and downs have a huge impact on how they see themselves. They constantly need some positive experiences to counter negative feelings and to keep their head above the water. But even then, those positive feelings usually don’t last long.

Reasons for this go way back to our childhood. All of our successes and failures while growing up and the way our close ones reacted to them, had a significant role in building our self-confidence. If your childhood involved neglecting, ignoring, ridiculing or too high expectations and constant criticism, it would most probably lead to feeling inadequate and developing low self-confidence.

Later on, a lot of stressful situations, such as job loss, divorce, financial insecurity, loss of a loved one... can trigger that feeling and further damage our self-confidence. We become more dependent on people around us, because we seek their approval and have higher and higher expectations both from them and ourselves...

We try to create unrealistic relationships where everything is perfect and everyone is fully satisfied.

Trying to please others, in order to get their confirmation is an impossible mission. It leads to making us feel more and more inadequate, our self-esteem becomes even lower and we feel this world is a harsh place, which makes us angry or depressed and we feel even worse about ourselves and the world we're living in...

So, how to get out of this vicious circle?

Change the way you rate yourself. The fact is if you rate yourself highly, so will others!

No matter how you were taught to value yourself, there is the way to change that. A simple change of perspective might trigger a lot of positive changes and improve your life!

Someone once said that "A diamond doesn't start out polished and shining. It once was nothing special, but with enough pressure and time, becomes spectacular." If you want to become that diamond, then take things into your hands and start working on improving your feeling of self-worth right now!

And you can, because the way your mind functions is simple:

Problems and situations you encounter on a daily basis tend to bring out negative emotions and drain your energy. Exhausted by negativity, your mind loses its clarity, allowing more negativity to breach your system until it overwhelms you.

Positive, supporting and empowering thoughts and emotions are a perfect dam for the negativity flood and the only proven way you can relax your mind, broaden your vision and perform at your best.

You are in control of your self-confidence and this collection of positive affirmations will help you realize that - and not only that, they will motivate you to work on it and help you re-build your self-confidence until the feelings of general self-approval and belief in yourself become a natural part of who you are. These albums are carefully selected to improve the parts of your personality that might be out of tune - they will help you see yourself the way you truly are, enhancing your best traits and allowing you to make time for your dreams, to break free from the traditional mold and to truly be yourself

You will find this collection a worthy supporter in your journey to a higher self-confidence, as it will help you to:

- Simply KNOW that you are worth it – no negativity, no comparing to others. You will stop second guessing your worth and finally focus on your strengths. You will start appreciating yourself more than ever, building a strong foundation for your own growth and for establishing healthy relationships with others.

- Redefine failure, keep your spirit high, never be afraid to try. You will stop focusing on failures and begin viewing them as a chance to learn and to do better the next time. You will be motivated to learn, to push your own boundaries and to try and achieve what you never before thought is possible for you.

- Discover and pursue your dreams. Your focus on your growth and happiness will help you get in touch with what you truly want. You will be able to commit to your goals, to let passion boost your confidence and allow a greater sense of purpose in your life.

- Become more resilient. When difficulties occur (and they happen to everyone), you will cope with them more effectively and recover much easier.

- Express your thoughts and feelings freely, learn to say NO when you want and have to. When you appreciate yourself, you don’t need others’ approval. You will be able to say what you think and to stand up for what you believe with no fear, no second guessing – you will be able to speak your truth without fear and holding back.

- Establish healthy and harmonious relationships. When you become more confident of what you have to offer, you will get to interact with people more easily and as a more optimistic and happier person, you will be better able to give yourself to others. You will enjoy these relationships without holding back, accepting others as they are and letting them accept you.

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Bought individually, these 7 mp3s would cost $104.79 but because we know how important this area is we have decided to put them on a 60% sale - now you can have them for only $41.96!

Develop natural self-confidence and finally make room for pursuing your dreams!

If you're tired of letting your low self-confidence hold you back in life, then you shouldn't miss out on this opportunity to turn it all around. This collection of 7 albums with carefully chosen affirmations will hep you overcome all self-imposed limitations and help you develop a mindset that will support you (instead of sabotaging you) in pursuing your life goals and dreams.

This is your first step towards a happier, more successful and fulfilling life! Download the Confidence Booster collection of positive affirmations to start letting go of all self-sabotaging patterns and start living up to your true potential!


Bought individually, these 7 mp3s would cost $104.79 but because we know how important this area is we have decided to put them on a 60% sale - now you can have them for only $41.96!