Healthy Body Image Affirmations

Overcome a negative self body image and learn to truly love yourself just the way you are, with the help of this transformational affirmations audio.

Healthy Body Image Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • When you look at the mirror do you first see the things on your body that don’t look the way you think they should?
  • Do you think you have the worst appearance among your friends or family?
  • Do you change several outfits before you go out and still aren’t satisfied with the way you look?
  • Do you want to stop torturing yourself, to develop a healthy attitude towards your body and to experience what it feels like to actually like yourself?

Do you think that you are too tall or too short, that your teeth or your nose are too big, or are you just annoyed for not having curly hair? This dress or jacket doesn’t fit you, it must be your body!

Have you ever stopped to think that it might be that this dress was made for another body shape and that yours is actually OK? Is it that you simply cannot accept yourself the way you are? Never happy with how you look, always wishing you had thinner thighs or bigger eyes? How much longer do you think you can live this way?

Now, imagine standing in front of the mirror and enjoying what you see for a change! Imagine what it would feel like to look at yourself and not find a single thing you don’t like. Some to improve, of course – we should all take care of your bodies – but that you’re generally happy with your looks.

Can you imagine how much more confident you’d be then, how much more enjoyable your life would be, how much more relaxed your social relationships would become?

This album will help you do exactly that! Instead of looking for the smallest imperfection when you observe yourself in the mirror, it will help you to change the way you perceive yourself and instill within you a mindset which will make your body your ally and your best friend.

What to Expect

Affirmations will help you transform your negative self body image and start loving and accepting yourself just the way you are. They will alter your unconscious beliefs to help you to overcome all the negative patterns that made you overly critical towards yourself, by:

As the affirmations start taking root in your mind, you will discover that you’re more present in your life, not putting it on hold until you become thinner, taller, younger… but that you’re actively living it!

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Don’t wait any longer – download this album to improve your body confidence and improve the quality of your life altogether!

Present Tense

  • I am beautiful
  • I love my body
  • I have a healthy body image
  • I accept myself completely
  • I am thankful for my body
  • I am building a positive body image
  • My body is perfect just the way it is
  • I am confident in the way I look
  • I always feel comfortable in my own skin
  • I appreciate my body

Future Tense

  • I will have a healthy body image
  • I will always love my body no matter what
  • I am beginning to accept myself more and more
  • I am beginning to feel content with the way I look
  • I am becoming happier with my body
  • Each day I look and feel better
  • I will always have gratitude for my body
  • My self-acceptance is beginning to change the way other people see me
  • I am overcoming negativity and building a positive attitude towards myself
  • I am finding it easier to feel confident in the way I look

Natural Tense

  • Having a healthy body image comes naturally to me
  • Feeling positive about my body is normal for me
  • I naturally love and accept my body
  • Whenever I look in the mirror I always see something positive
  • Having a healthy body image improves the quality of my life
  • I deserve to be confident and happy
  • Self acceptance comes naturally to me
  • I find it easy to think positively about my body
  • People are drawn to me because I am confident in the way I look
  • My body is beautiful and I respect it deeply