Increase Metabolism Affirmations

Acquire a naturally quick metabolism and burn your calories more quickly using these powerful affirmations mp3.

Increase Metabolism Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Does it annoy you how some people can eat a lot and not become overweight, but as far as you're concerned, everything you eat seems to stay on your belly like it's been glued?
  • Do you blame your metabolism for easily putting weight on, but not being able to lose it at all?
  • Do you want to transform yourself into a person who always burns calories quickly and efficiently – in a completely natural manner?

You have probably heard about or even met people who could eat anything and everything, didn’t do any kind of physical activity, yet remained slim. You‘ve probably also heard the simple explanation – they have a good metabolic rate. So, what can the rest of the world, those unfortunates who don’t have a good metabolic rate and have a few extra pounds and a hard time losing them do, but whine about it?

Actually, they can do a lot! No matter how incredible it may sound, you can influence your metabolism and put it to work in your favour!

There are certain things which you can control and which can make your body burn calories fast and these affirmations will help you focus and direct your thoughts toward doing those things. More muscles, water, adopting healthy eating habits, intaking more proteins and green tea... these are all things that increase your metabolic rate. But the real change needs to come from the inside, from your mindset, in order for you to stick to these lifestyle changes and that’s exactly what this album will help you with.

What to Expect

This album works in two main ways:

This album is not a miracle cure that will make you slim and fit overnight, but it will help you to reprogram your mind and overcome the obstacles you're facing now.

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Download this album now and use the power of your mind to increase your metabolic rate and make sure that you're in control of your weight and health!

Present Tense

  • I am increasing my metabolism
  • My mind is in sync with my metabolism
  • I have a fast metabolism
  • I am in control of my metabolic rate
  • I make healthy food choices that naturally stimulate my metabolism
  • My metabolic rate is increasing
  • I am a mean lean calorie burning machine
  • I always burn calories quickly
  • I always choose the healthiest foods
  • I am losing weight by increasing my metabolic rate

Future Tense

  • I will increase my metabolic rate
  • My metabolism is becoming faster
  • Each day I feel myself burning calories faster and faster
  • I will focus my mind on increasing my metabolic rate
  • I am starting to lose weight
  • I will always burn calories quickly and efficiently
  • I will adopt eating habits that increase my metabolism
  • I am developing a finely-tuned metabolism
  • My mind is beginning to transform my metabolism
  • I am finding it easier to control my metabolic rate

Natural Tense

  • I have a naturally quick metabolism
  • My mind is naturally in sync with my metabolism
  • I find it easy to control my metabolism
  • My metabolic rate is steadily increasing
  • I burn calories efficiently
  • My metabolism is naturally fast and healthy
  • I am using the power of my subconscious to influence my metabolic rate
  • I can control my metabolic rate with the power of my mind
  • Others see me as someone who is just naturally thin and easily burns calories
  • I make healthy choices to support a healthy metabolism