Weight Loss Hero

Do you feel trapped in your own body? Do you want to lose weight, get your body in shape and be healthier, but you are afraid you just can’t do it?

You can and no matter how many times you’ve heard this before, it IS all up to you! You are the master of your body, you just need some help to master it well!

This collection will help you get into a proper mindset if you:

How many times have you decided to lose weight, made a perfect plan, but after some time you simply stopped sticking to it? “I’m not quitting, I’ll just do it another time”, you said to yourself. But it never seems to happen - as the time goes by and failed attempts accumulate, you notice that your motivation is getting lower and lower.

Even when our health is at stake, we somehow manage to find excuses not to do what it takes to get us to what we know is best for us. Some of those common excuses we use are:

And many, many more. You would be surprised how creative we can get just to stay within our comfort zone!

Losing weight is a long process, a battle – it can take quite some time to achieve the best results, so the goal becomes distant to us, it is somewhere in the future and we need to make a continuous effort to reach it. And there is also our main opponent - us.

So, let’s convert the opponent to an ally!

Master your mind and develop self-motivation so strong that nothing can sway you from your goal!

There are countless weight loss plans out there, from miracle diets to magic pills. The trick is to find what works best for you and is healthy for your body and to stick to what you feel will help you to change your habits.

Changing old habits isn’t easy – but making new ones are! So, let’s bypass that failure attitude and start with the positive one!

A person can survive without any food for up to two months! It is a good thing to remember the next time you feel that unbearable craving. A well balanced diet will keep your body running, so when you feel hungry, know that it’s all inside your head!

And since everything is in your head, then it’s completely under your control!

Instead of constantly bombarding yourself with self-defeating thoughts, expose your mind to encouraging and motivational thoughts as often as possible.

You know how some people never have trouble sticking to a healthy diet. There are people who actually enjoy exercising, people who enjoy the taste of healthy food.

Have you ever wondered how they do it?

Unlike those who try to lose weight by strict dieting for a short period and then go back to their old eating habits (which makes their weight go back on), these people created the right mental attitude which helped them stay strong and stick to their plan until the new, beneficial habit is created and deeply rooted within them.

If they could make such a shift in their mindset, so can you and we have designed the Weight Loss Hero collection of positive affirmations to help you get there faster and with a much better chance of success!

Losing weight and then keeping it off, it needs a real change in lifestyle and you will need all the help and support you can get, so use these affirmations to make sure you’re properly equipped for weight loss success.

This powerful collection will make your mind work for you, instead of against you, helping you to:

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Develop a focused weight loss mindset and watch your pounds disappear naturally

This collection of 7 hand-picked albums with affirmations will help you reach that state of mind where everything you do is just naturally aligned with your weight loss goals. They cover all the areas important for losing weight AND for keeping it off, so they can be a powerful support on your journey to a healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle.

They will not do everything for you - you're the one who has to eat healthier, you're the one who has to exercise regularly, but can you imagine how much easier this is when it's something you actually want to do, when you're eager to change your bad habits and to implement the good ones? When your entire mindset is focused on becoming fit because it's something you want and enjoy, those extra pounds will then melt away practically on their own.

If losing weight is something you're really - REALLY - serious about, then you should act now!

If you bought the MP3s individually, they would cost $104.79 but now you can have them for only $52.39 (or $69.89 if you choose to have them as CDs) - you'll save 50% and still enjoy the same benefits of this powerful focused weight loss mindset collection!