Think Yourself Thin Affirmations

Use this powerful affirmations audio to acquire the mindset of naturally thin people and prepare your mind and body for weight loss success.

Think Yourself Thin Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you sometimes look at all those thin people enviously because you think you cannot be like them?
  • Have you tried so many different diets and done so many different types of exercises, but in vain?
  • Can’t you stop eating junk food although you are aware that it works in favour of your chubby figure?
  • Are you ready to finally give your weight loss efforts a real chance and to acquire an attitude that will naturally drive you to stick to your weight loss goals and to WANT to do what it takes to reach your goal weight?

To become thin in your body, you first have to become thin in your mind.

Have you been overweight your entire life? Or several years which seem like a lifetime?

One common obstacle for overweight people is that their self-image is tuned to being chubby (or whichever adjective you use). You can’t imagine yourself being slim - that is what you want, but you can’t really imagine yourself being like that.

Your mind is set to being overweight and that’s preventing you from truly believing you can ever be thin. And when you don’t really believe it, you don’t really try. That’s why you’ve been dieting without success, that’s why you have tried different exercise programs, again and again, with no results.

It’s too easy for you to give up, because you don’t really believe that you can achieve the goal you’ve set.

In order to get there you have to make it look real in your mind. You need to be able to actually think yourself thin, to make it a real possibility for you. You need to visualize yourself being slim and your mind has to believe it in order to start really working on it.

Since this is not what your mind is used to, you have to train it and to prepare it for success - to make that prize, your ideal weight, something so real and present that it’s almost palpable. That’s where this album steps in.

These affirmations work exactly to stimulate your subconscious to adopt this new way of thinking about yourself and your possibilities as far as your weight goals go. They will help you to turn your belief in yourself and your willpower, into your strengths on your path to acquiring the body you’ve always wanted. And the best thing is, all of this will come from the inside, from your own mindset!

What to Expect

By listening to this album you will:

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Download this album to prepare your mind for success! Think yourself thin and gain a powerful drive to eat healthily and exercise regularly - because that’s what thin people naturally do!

Present Tense

  • I am thin now
  • I have a great body
  • I am slim and beautiful
  • I visualize my ideal body and take action to make it happen
  • I am dedicated to achieving my ideal weight
  • I believe deeply in my ability to be thin and healthy
  • I am dedicated to losing weight
  • My mind is focused on achieving my weight loss goals
  • I always watch what I eat
  • I am naturally thin

Future Tense

  • Each day I become thinner and more fit
  • I will reach my weight loss goals
  • I will have the body I’ve always wanted
  • I am becoming more focused on losing weight
  • I am finding it easier to envision weight loss success
  • Others are beginning to notice how thin and healthy I am
  • Eating right and losing weight is becoming easier and easier
  • I am coming closer to achieving my ideal body
  • I am transforming into someone who is thin, healthy and happy
  • I will become thin and set a good example for others

Natural Tense

  • I am naturally thin
  • I love my body
  • I have total belief in myself
  • I visualize my ideal body and this motivates me to keep losing weight
  • I deserve to be thin
  • I have the power to achieve a high degree of health and well-being
  • I will nurture and respect my body always
  • My mind is totally attuned to my body
  • Being thin and healthy is very important
  • It feels great to lose weight and get in shape