Learn to Dance Affirmations

Become a magnificent dancer and fire up the crowds with the help of this simple, yet powerful MP3

Learn to Dance Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you have trouble syncing your mind with your moves?
  • Do you lack confidence that you’ll ever dance well enough to perform on stage?
  • Do you find practicing day in day out exhausting?
  • Do you want to be enthusiastic about every dancing session and stay motivated until you crush your dancing goals?

Whose moves stir you up? Are you into ballet, so when you hear the name Mikhail Baryshnikov, your heart bounces faster? Or does watching Shakira move her hips make you wanna bounce off the walls?

Either way, you are crazy about dancing and you would die if your dancing could only resemble those artists’ moves.

But do you have what it takes?

If you can spend hours practicing and focusing on every single aspect of your choreography, you don’t need our learn to dance affirmations.

If you can see yourself standing tall on that stage, floating flawlessly through every sequence of steps and getting standing ovations when you’re done, no need to listen to this album either.

But, if practicing as much as you need to is too demanding, if you struggle to remember all the steps, if your moves are stiff if you’re not flexible enough and if you feel you’re just not good enough, it’s time to pull out the big guns. Time to get the extra help you need to nail your dancing skills.

You’ll be surprised how much our learn to dance affirmations will help.

Affirmations are like a choreography to your mindset. When your mind dances to this audio, your thoughts, attitudes and behavior all align with a single goal–you bringing your dancing dream to life.

If you listen to learn to dance affirmations regularly, you will no longer doubt yourself and your potential. You will use all of your energy to focus on your practice routine and your efforts to improve your dancing. Likewise, the album will fortify your motivation. You will look forward to every session and enjoy it, too. Here’s how this all comes together:

What to Expect

This MP3 album will transform the way you dance in 3 main ways:

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There’s no need to struggle—download this album and make learning to dance the fun and easy experience you hoped it would be!

Present Tense

  • I am a great dancer
  • I have great rhythm
  • I remember choreography steps well
  • I am limber and strong
  • I have natural talent
  • I am motivated to practice
  • I am a natural dancer
  • I am focused on practicing
  • I am admired for my dancing ability
  • I am physically fit

Future Tense

  • I will practice regularly
  • I will reach my potential
  • I will be a great dancer
  • I will remember steps easily
  • I will improve my flexibility
  • I will strive to be my best
  • I will perfect my moves
  • I will be motivated to practice
  • I will focus on remembering my steps
  • I will be known for my dancing skills

Natural Tense

  • Dancing comes naturally to me
  • Practicing is fun
  • Dancing well is easy
  • Others know me as a great dancer
  • Dancing is just what I do
  • Remembering my steps is easy
  • My focus is unwavering
  • Staying motivated to improve is easy
  • Reaching my potential is important to me
  • I have a great sense of rhythm