Learn Trumpet Affirmations

Learn to play trumpet like a pro, at a much faster rate than you'd normally do, with the help of this powerful affirmations audio.

Learn Trumpet Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you struggle to see an improvement, even when you’ve practiced a lot?
  • Is focusing on the trumpet lesson you’re practicing too difficult?
  • Would you like to speed up your learning curve and learn how to play the trumpet like a maestro?

Who inspires you? Is it Louis Armstrong, his confidence and the energy he plays with? Or maybe Wynton Marsalis and his artistry and virtuosity?

You can’t stop admiring how naturally playing the trumpet comes to them. It’s like their second nature. You listen to them playing and they touch you. All that jazz delights you and takes your soul to a place of joy and spirituality.

It goes without saying you fantasize about playing just like your trumpet heroes. You want people applauding and admiring your skills.

Yet, this is where the dream ends.

Because, when you pick up your instrument, your hopes and aspirations smash.

Into pieces.

You make a mistake after mistake. You can’t seem to coordinate your mind, breath and your hands. You’re having trouble focusing on your notes and the sounds your trumpet makes resembles music only on rare occasions.

But most of all, you just can’t see yourself playing the trumpet with such confidence and ease as these flamboyant artists do. Inevitably you end up beating yourself up about it.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Because the learn trumpet affirmations can help.

Listening to the audio regularly can improve your motivation, your focus and your self-confidence.

Not that the affirmations work like a magic pill that will somehow turn you into Louis or Wynton. But if you listen to them often enough, you’ll be able to “feel the music” much better. Your rhythmic timing will improve, your motivation will raise and you’ll take a plunge into the trumpet lessons deeper than ever before.

Maybe, in the end, you won’t perform like Louis or Wynton (though, who’s to say you can’t). But, when you take that trumpet, after a few weeks of listening to the affirmations and practicing, you will feel as if these trumpet masters are cheering YOU on.

And you’ll almost be able to hear them saying: “Go get it, man!”

What to Expect

This learn trumpet affirmations audio works in 3 main areas:

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Download this learn trumpet affirmations audio now and start pondering on the outfits you wish to perform in. Because you’ll be killing it!

Present Tense Affirmations

  • I am a trumpeter
  • I am quickly mastering the trumpet
  • I am a great trumpet player
  • I am a confident musician
  • I am tuned in to a musical rhythm
  • I can read music
  • I have strong lungs
  • I concentrate well
  • My mind and body are musically in sync
  • I play the trumpet well

Future Tense Affirmations

  • I will play the trumpet
  • I will practice regularly
  • I will learn to read music
  • I will focus on music
  • I will be known as a trumpeter
  • I will develop my talent
  • I will feel the music
  • I will become a trumpet player
  • I will develop my musical intuition
  • I will enjoy practicing

Natural Tense

  • Playing the trumpet comes naturally to me
  • Music is a deep part of my soul
  • Reading music is easy
  • I can easily feel the rhythm
  • Others see me as a musician
  • Practicing is fun
  • My mind is naturally focused on music
  • My concentration level is high
  • I can easily lose myself in playing the trumpet
  • Trumpet playing brings joy to my life