Overcome Alcohol Addiction Affirmations

Beat your alcohol addiction and gain back your self-esteem and your life, with the help of this powerful affirmations album.

Overcome Alcohol Addiction Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Are you unable to say NO to alcohol?
  • Are your personal and professional life already suffering because of your addiction?
  • Do you feel like you've lost the power to control your life?
  • Is your opinion of yourself getting lower and lower with each day?
  • Are you ready to accept help and to take back your power, to make a fresh start and to create your life free from alcohol addiction?

The line between moderate or social use of alcohol and problem drinking, is thin and often imperceptible. But when you notice that you need alcohol to numb your senses, that you're reaching for it whenever you feel down or insecure, when a drink becomes a priority and when you no longer have control of what's happening in your life – then it's time to face the problem and to do whatever it takes to heal yourself.

Healing in this case is much more than just detoxifying your system. Somewhere along the way you have lost your sense of control and along with it your self-esteem. It will take time and it will take effort to win it back and to find joy and happiness in life again, but you have what it takes to do it!

You've been neglecting yourself for too long and now is the time to put an end to it and to make a fresh start. This album was designed to support you all the way and to help you to start liking yourself again, to stop your mind from wandering and giving in to the negative thoughts preventing you from pursuing a better, healing path.

What to Expect

Affirmations are a simple, but powerful tool which will:

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Allow yourself to realize that you have the power and the right to live a happy, peaceful and meaningful life. Download this album and make the first step towards a life free from alcohol addiction – a life you can create anew starting now!

Present Tense

  • I am free from my alcohol addiction
  • I am happy with who I am
  • I find happiness within me
  • I am taking my life in my own hands
  • I am taking care of my body
  • I am loved by people in my life
  • I don’t need alcohol to be happy and in peace with myself
  • I can deal with anything that comes my way
  • I am able to stay in control
  • I surround myself with people who support me

Future Tense

  • I am letting go of my addiction to alcohol
  • I am becoming more and more sober with each passing day
  • I will take responsibility for my life
  • I will forgive myself for everything I’ve done
  • I am about to start a new life, free from alcohol
  • I appreciate and cherish myself more and more every day
  • I am becoming a strong individual with healthy habits
  • I will take control of my life
  • I am transforming into someone who is happy and peaceful
  • I will be spending my time with positive and supporting people

Natural Tense

  • Staying away from alcohol comes naturally to me
  • I deserve all the great things life has to offer
  • People see me as a positive, happy and healthy individual
  • My life is getting better with each passing day
  • I am worthy of a life free from alcohol addiction
  • My life is filled with happiness and peace
  • My relationships with people are healing
  • People see me as someone who successfully overcame alcohol addiction
  • My body and my spirit are healing