Let Your Emotions Out Affirmations

Use this powerful affirmations album to naturally express your true emotions and to be your true self around anyone and in any situation.

Let Your Emotions Out Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you find it difficult to express your emotions?
  • Do you expect others to know how you feel and then get disappointed or angry when they don’t?
  • Do you want to learn to express your emotions without guilt, fear or conflict and to make your relationships with people easier and more relaxed?

Society seems to teach us that we shouldn’t be expressing our emotions and that if we do, we might look melodramatic or weak. If your upbringing taught you that certain emotions are ‘bad’, here comes the emotional shutdown that will prevent you from letting them out.

As one thing usually leads to another, there’s a cost to emotional shutdown: as you keep pretending that you don’t feel things, or that you feel something other than what you actually feel, you can easily reach the stage where you’re not sure what you feel anymore. Many confusing emotions get build up inside you and you finally get the feeling that no one, including yourself, knows who you really are.

In order to find your true, authentic self and to show it to others, you have to learn again how to express your emotions and this album can help you to adopt the mindset needed for it to go smoothly and with no feelings of fear or guilt.

When a thought or a statement is repeated many times, your mind starts believing it and working its way to incorporating it into your set of beliefs and reactions. That’s how affirmations work: your mind gets exposed to them and eventually they sink in, making them a part of your natural thought patterns.

What to Expect

This particular album will help you to adopt the thought patterns that will make you express your emotions more easily and comfortably. With regular use you will notice that:

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Download this album to tap into the power of self-expression and make life easier and more enjoyable for both you and the people around you.

Present Tense

  • I always express my emotions
  • I let others know how I am really feeling
  • I always speak my mind
  • I show the world who I truly am
  • I allow others to see the real me
  • I stand up for myself and tell people how I feel
  • I am in touch with my deepest emotions
  • I stand up for what I believe in
  • I am comfortable confronting others and telling them how I feel
  • I show my true self to family and friends

Future Tense

  • I will let my emotions out
  • I am transforming into someone who is unafraid of being their true self
  • I will always express my opinion
  • I am finding it easier to tell others how I am feeling
  • I will always stand up for myself
  • I am developing the courage to show people the real me
  • It is becoming easier to say what I want
  • I will always tell others what I really think
  • Letting my emotions out is starting to feel normal
  • I will show people the real me

Natural Tense

  • Expressing my emotions comes naturally to me
  • I love sharing my feelings with others
  • Telling others what I think is important to me
  • Letting out my emotions is healthy
  • Expressing my emotions is improving the way I feel
  • I am the kind of person who just tells others how I feel and what I want
  • It is important that I voice my opinion
  • It feels good to show people the real me
  • I have the courage to be myself at all times
  • I stand up for what I believe in