Leadership Skills Affirmations

Use this transformational affirmations mp3 to develop strong leadership skills and become someone whose opinion and expertise are wanted and trusted - become a true leader in the eyes of your business partners, your friends and family and most importantly, in your own!

Leadership Skills Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you want to lead a team of people?
  • Do you want to attract only the best people to your team or business?
  • Are you unsure of your ability to be a successful leader?
  • Do you want help with developing the mindset of a leader that will enable you to stand out among your peers and to become the go-to person for everything business related?

Did you know that 80% of problems that any organization experiences are people-related? Skilled, experienced and productive people with a clear vision, high values and good strategy are the most essential asset of every business - and the hardest to find.

This means that, whether you’re running your own business or trying to move up the corporate ladder, becoming such a person is practically a guarantee for your professional success.

Most people think that leaders are born that way and that there’s nothing they can do to become like them. That simply isn’t true: while there are people with a natural predisposition for leadership, unless their natural talents are cultivated, they will never fully develop the mindset of a true leader; on the other hand, people who are motivated and willing to work on adopting this mindset can become fantastic leaders in a relatively short period of time.

Just like any other, leadership is a skill that can be learned, a mindset that can be acquired if you’re willing to work on it - and that’s what this album is designed to help you with.

The affirmations on it will gradually penetrate your mind to form new patterns within it and with time, strengthen them so that you will not only acquire the mindset of a true leader, but eventually really become one.

They aren’t a miracle cure that will change who you are without any effort from your part (nothing can do that), but if you’re really ready to put in the work to become a successful leader that people will look up to, someone who’s the first in line for a promotion and who successfully manages a team of people - then this album will give you a good head start.

What to Expect

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Present Tense

  • People recognize me as a leader
  • I am often called on to take charge of a situation
  • People trust my opinions and expertise
  • I communicate clearly what I expect of others
  • I quickly engage others in teamwork in order to optimize results
  • I am able to take the lead
  • I am a proven leader
  • People always choose me as their team leader
  • I am a good decision maker
  • People look to me for guidance

Future Tense

  • I will become a great leader
  • I am developing leadership skills
  • I will continue to develop my reputation as a leader
  • I will learn new things that help me become a better leader
  • I will seek out new leadership opportunities
  • Each day it becomes easier to speak up and take the lead
  • I am transforming into a natural leader
  • I will quickly adapt to new leadership challenges whenever they arise
  • Others will come to know me as a trustworthy leader
  • My leadership skills are improving every day

Natural Tense

  • Leadership comes naturally to me
  • I have superior leadership skills
  • I take charge easily no matter what the situation
  • People often look to me for advice
  • Making important decisions is just what I do
  • I embrace responsibility
  • I eagerly accept new challenges
  • My interpersonal skills are strong
  • I make things happen
  • I can draw out the best in others