Management Skills Affirmations

Acquire the management skills inherent to all successful managers and join their ranks with the help of this powerful affirmations audio album.

Management Skills Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you wish to work as a manager?
  • Are you preparing for the interview for the job that requires management skills, but you have no experience?
  • Do you feel that your staff don’t respect you and that your performance suffers from it?
  • Do you want to acquire the mindset of someone who’s naturally good at management and knows it?

Good managers are hard to come by, great managers even harder - but they’re essential to any business. That’s why they’re usually in a position to dictate the conditions and to choose who they will work with.

If you want to become like them - and one of them, it’s not enough to just read books about management, many times even the practice and experience will fail you because you’re missing the one crucial ingredient - you don’t have the mindset of a successful, natural manager. You’re just not that person. Your heart isn’t in it, you lack confidence and your performance isn’t that great.

Before you give up on yourself as a manager - you can do something to change that! A successful manager isn’t born that way - he has consciously shaped himself to become the best at what he does and to develop his potential to the fullest. And it’s possible for you too, with the help of our affirmations!

Imagine where you’d be now, if every day since you were a child, your parents were telling you that one day you’ll be a great manager, that you’re fantastic at it, that everyone believes in you. That’s what these affirmations are designed to do - to provide external support that will help you to form a strong belief in yourself and to develop the skills you need on an intuitive level.

What to Expect

These affirmations work on a daily basis to:

Being a good manager won’t be good enough for you - you will strive to be the best you can be and that will show in your performance and your attitude. This can be a turning point in your career, the moment when it all went uphill.

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Take action now - download this album and start working your way to becoming the kind of person who is capable of creating and managing a cohesive team, someone that any successful business can’t do without!

Present Tense

  • I am an outstanding manager
  • My management skills are strong
  • I am a confident manager
  • I am an authority in my field
  • I am dedicated to growing professionally and personally
  • Others respect my position as a manager
  • I am well prepared to take on an important management role
  • I am able to take the lead and direct people when needed
  • My superiors respect my ability to manage
  • My management style is firm yet fair

Future Tense

  • I will become a top level manager
  • I will be noticed by upper management
  • My confidence as a manager is growing
  • I am transforming into a highly skilled manager
  • Others are starting to come to me for leadership and guidance
  • I will continue to develop my management skills
  • I will achieve my managerial goals
  • I am noticing that others are starting to listen to and respect me
  • I will embrace responsibility and challenge
  • Managing others is becoming easier and less stressful

Natural Tense

  • I enjoy being a manager
  • I can handle difficult situations with ease
  • Managing others comes naturally to me
  • Others naturally look up to and respect me
  • Being the best manager I can be is important to me
  • My management skills are naturally strong
  • I enjoy leading others
  • Constant improvement is a way of life for me
  • I can be firm with others when needed
  • I am highly organized and efficient