Stock Market Trading Affirmations

Join the ranks of the elite traders by adopting their mindset with the help of this transformational affirmations album.

Stock Market Trading Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you believe that stock trading is your way to financial freedom?
  • Do you engage in compulsive trading, do you get out of trades too early or keep adding on to a losing position?
  • Do you wish and hope instead of taking control of your trade?
  • Do you overthink the trade and second guess your trading signals?
  • Do you want to become a trader who is always aligning trades in the direction of the market, who is flowing with the market and who stays calm and enjoys the process?

Most traders, especially those new to the stock market, believe that if only they could find the right trading strategy, a Holy Grail system, then their trades would always be profitable and they would be able to sit back and watch their profit rise.

Successful stock traders know that such a system doesn’t exist and that success in trading is a direct result of sound money management and sound psychology.

They have what’s called “The Trader’s Mindset” - a set of thought patterns that defines how they respond to events related to their trades. They have adopted this mindset because they understand that only by setting up suitable thought patterns do they have a chance of producing excellence.

This mindset allows them to always focus on the present reality instead of hoping it’ll be better, to keep an open mind and to feel in control of themselves, to “listen” to the market and to act accordingly without fear of losing money - they know that their internal system is profitable in the long run and they don’t let anything distract them.

These people however weren’t born with this way of thinking - they have acquired it with time and persistence. And if they could, so can you if you’re willing to put in the work and that’s exactly what this affirmations recording is designed to help you with!

It contains powerful positive statements created which aim to override your current thought patterns and to stimulate development of the trader’s mindset, as a support to your conscious adoption of trading skills. The combination of your conscious efforts and of unconscious absorption of these thought patterns, will give you the best chance of becoming the best trader you can possibly be.

What to Expect

This album will help you to:

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It’s time you took charge of your career and your financial freedom, so download this album today to acquire the mindset of the top traders and discover what it feels like to just go with the flow and watch your trades become more and more profitable.

Present Tense

  • I am a skilled stock market trader
  • I take stock trading seriously
  • I have a finely-tuned sense for knowing when and where to invest
  • I always take calculated risks
  • I am able to be extremely patient when needed
  • I am constantly improving my stock trading knowledge
  • My mind is highly focused and aware
  • I adapt easily to new trends
  • I sense shifts in the market
  • I always keep a positive attitude no matter what

Future Tense

  • I am becoming a successful stock trader
  • I will make huge amounts of money on the stock market
  • I will become a wealthy stock trader
  • I will always take the time to do proper research
  • I will maintain sound judgment at all times
  • I will continue to build my portfolio and perfect my trading efforts
  • Success on the stock market is becoming a reality
  • I will learn everything possible about the market
  • Making accurate forecasts is becoming easier and easier
  • My trading efforts are becoming more consistent

Natural Tense

  • I live and breath the stock market
  • I love stock market trading
  • I have an intuition for making great stock trades
  • Successful stock trading is normal for me
  • I can see trends developing in the market
  • Making huge amounts of money on the stock market is easy
  • I enjoy developing my stock trading knowledge
  • I continue to press toward my goals regardless of setbacks
  • I am naturally persistent
  • Making money on the stock market is just a normal part of my life