Overcome Arachnophobia Affirmations

Shatter your fear of spiders (arachnophobia) with the help of our simple yet powerful affirmations album and enjoy a fear-free life.

Overcome Arachnophobia Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do eight-legged creatures give you the creeps?
  • Do you avoid having fun outdoors because you’re terrified a spider might crawl on you?
  • How many times did your friends think you’re wacky because of your reaction to spiders?
  • Would you like a simple but powerful weapon to help you get rid of your dread for good?

Spiders are insects, just like bees and ants. Most of them are harmless and even the biggest of all, the Tarantula, can’t hurt you.

In fact, they hunt or capture annoying insects like flies and mosquitos and we can even consider spiders to be useful.

Alas, that’s not what they are to you. Not by a long shot.

For you, spiders are horrible monsters with sharp teeth and a deadly bite. They lurk in dark corners and want to crawl on you, wrap you with their disgusting web and devour you.

Even the “Itsy-Bitsy Spider“ sounds as if a member of the Addams family created it.

Others may find your screaming, running away or jumping on a chair when you spot this insect, exaggerated or funny, but your fear is real! Your heart races, your hands sweat and you cannot control any of it, no matter how hard you try.

But enough is enough. You don’t want this dread to govern your actions and your life!

The good news is, Overcome Arachnophobia Affirmations can help.

Sure, you reason out spiders are only harmless insects. But your mind is programmed to make you feel enormous fear, react irrationally and automatically. It may be a flaw in the system, but it’s there and it affects your life, in a bad way.

Well, think of this audio as a software designed to reset your mind and fix the error.

However, the album is not the cure for arachnophobia and especially if your problem is severe, seeking professional help as well would be wise.

But it will help. If you listen to and repeat the affirmations often enough, the album will instill your mind with a new set of beliefs and eliminate the subconscious conviction that spiders are dangerous and harmful.

What to Expect

Here is what the Overcome Arachnophobia Affirmations album does in more detail:

Picture yourself sitting on the ground in the shade. Then suddenly you see a spider has climbed down a tree and ended up in front of your eyes. You remain calm. You are not afraid. You simply move a little so the spider doesn’t block your vision and you let it be.

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Download your MP3 Overcome Arachnophobia Affirmations now and forget that you were ever afraid of spiders!

Present Tense

  • I am calm around spiders
  • I accept spiders as just a normal part of life
  • I am cured of arachnophobia
  • I feel safe near spiders
  • My mind is always clear and relaxed
  • I am in control around spiders
  • I am free to live a normal life
  • I can think about spiders calmly
  • I am fearless
  • I have a calm life

Future Tense

  • I am beginning to like spiders
  • I will overcome my arachnophobia
  • I will learn to see spiders in a positive light
  • I will live a life free from fear of spiders
  • I will remain calm around spiders
  • I will enjoy thinking about spiders
  • I will stay in control around spiders
  • I will feel safe around spiders
  • I will lead a carefree life
  • I am becoming more and more relaxed

Natural Tense

  • Spiders are a harmonious part of nature
  • Spiders are neat
  • Thinking about spiders is easy
  • My arachnophobia has disappeared
  • My life is calm
  • I live a fearless life
  • I can easily calm myself down
  • I have perfect control over my reaction to spiders
  • Spiders are fun to watch
  • Spiders are actually kind of silly