Overcome Agoraphobia Affirmations

Conquer your agoraphobia and enjoy a fear-free life with our transformational affirmations audio.

Overcome Agoraphobia Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Are you terrified when you need to leave your home alone or go to a public space?
  • Do you miss out a lot on your social, professional or even love life, because of your anxiety?
  • Would you like a proven method to help you get your fears under control, accept public spaces and enjoy being outdoors.

So, today is the day. You’re going to the same mall you went to last week with your friend. The endeavor was scary and hard, but you made it.

However today, in just two hours, you are going to the mall alone.

Oh my God, you want to break free from this terrible thing that has gotten into you so badly!

And nothing can stop you. One more hour.

But, here it comes. Your hands are sweating. You’re so hot and you feel dizzy. You open the window but now the street sounds cause your knees to shake. Your heart starts pounding like crazy.

Half an hour left.

Your whole body is throbbing and you know – if you walk through that door you’re going to pass out.

So, you give up. You’ll try again next week.

Even if your agoraphobia symptoms are not this severe but you don’t feel comfortable and at ease that is not the way you should live your life and you know it.

This is where this powerful yet simple tool steps in.

Overcome agoraphobia affirmations are not the cure for agoraphobia. The album cannot replace professional help and you should seek therapy.

On the other hand, this audio can make a real difference.

See, the reason you experience fear and stress is that your mind is trying to protect you from the situations it perceives as “dangerous“. As a result, your body goes through a series of adjustments to prepare to fight or flee and keep you out of trouble. All these changes cause you to experience physical effects of distress.

Listening to and reciting the affirmations will reprogram your mind to accept being outdoors as something normal and even relaxing.

Your thoughts also play a big part in how you deal with agoraphobia. When you unintentionally welcome and nurture thoughts that something bad will happen when you’re in an open space, the cascading effect takes place and the anxiety kicks in.

But if you affirm every day, in a safe environment, that you are calm and relaxed outdoors, your mind will internalize those thoughts and you will have the ammunition to fight the negative thoughts when they appear.

As a result, you will be at ease when leaving your place and going outside and before you know it, you WILL visit that mall, all on your own.

What to Expect

Listening to overcome agoraphobia affirmations album will help you:

When you “see” yourself relaxed and with a smile on your face when outdoors, leaving your home for real will only be a matter of time.

Download our free app for iPhone/iPad today and listen immediately after your purchase- just search the App Store for Trinity Affirmations.

Download your MP3 Overcome Agoraphobia Affirmations today. Time to enjoy open spaces and get back control over your life!

Present Tense

  • I am safe outside
  • I am confident in public
  • Being outdoors relaxes me
  • I enjoy being in public places
  • I am calm when standing in line
  • I am free to go anywhere
  • I am safe in public spaces
  • I am confident in new places
  • I am free from agoraphobia
  • I am a confident person

Future Tense

  • I will overcome agoraphobia
  • I will enjoy visiting new places
  • I will enjoy leaving my house
  • I am becoming more confident and relaxed
  • I am developing inner calm
  • I will break free from fear
  • My confidence is developing steadily
  • I will enjoy meeting new people
  • I will naturally relax when waiting in lines
  • I will relax outdoors

Natural Tense

  • Being outside feels natural
  • Open spaces make me feel relaxed and calm
  • Public places are safe
  • Waiting in line is a totally normal part of life
  • Calming myself down is easy
  • My confidence is high
  • Being in public is fun
  • Meeting new people is fun
  • Others see me as calm
  • Open spaces feel safe