Overcome Fear of Needles and Injections Affirmations

Conquer your fear of needles and injections. Let this simple but powerful MP3 help you face this medical intervention relaxed.

Overcome Fear of Needles and Injections Affirmations CD Album Cover
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  • Are you nervous and anxious for days before getting an injection or testing your blood?
  • Do you find controlling your anxiety when you so much as think of a needle difficult?
  • Do you hesitate to seek medical attention when necessary because of your phobia?
  • Would you like a way to vanquish your fear of needles and injections for good?

Trypanophobia (fear of needles, injections, and blood draws) is not to be taken lightly.

Sure, needle pricks are not pleasant and a vast majority of people don’t enjoy them. But, whether one needs to test their blood for a routine check-up or they want to travel to a distant and exotic country, injections, and needle sticks are an integral part of life.

So if you avoid seeing a doctor when you don’t feel well because he/she might tell you to have your blood tested, you should admit to yourself — this is a big problem.

And if your symptoms include a fast heartbeat, shortness of breath, if your hands and legs shake and you get dizzy, it’s time to face the music.

You have a needle phobia and you should do something about it.

Fear of Needles and Injections Affirmations can be an excellent place to start. In fact, chances you’ll get rid of this irrational fear forever, with help of this simple tool only are fairly high. How come?

Your fear of needles and injections isn’t rational. A simple needle stick in a sterile environment and done by professionals cannot harm you. Au contraire. So how can such a plain act provoke this huge mess inside you?

The hitch is inside your mind. For some reason, your mind perceives a needle as a source of danger and it is giving its best to protect you.

And this album is just the tool to fix this hitch.

Although, it's not the cure. And it would still be wise seeking professional help.   Yet, the Overcome Fear of Needles Album can make a real difference. 

When listening and reciting the affirmations you reprogramme your mind.

The audio will gradually eliminate the irrational belief that feeds your fear, strip your phobia out of its power and boost your self-confidence to beat it.

What to Expect

This is how listening to this transformational album works in more detail. It will enable you to:

Which is exactly what you will be. In no time.

Don’t wait another minute! Download this unique transformational audio now, reset your mind and enjoy your phobia-free life in the full capacity.

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Present Tense

  • I am fine with getting an injection
  • I have overcome my fear of needles
  • I can handle receiving injections easily
  • I am in control of my thoughts
  • My mind is relaxed and calm
  • I always think positively
  • I am in control around needles
  • I am calm when talking about injections
  • I am unfazed by injections
  • I am always calm when getting injections

Future Tense

  • I will overcome my fear of needles
  • I will stay in control of my emotions
  • I will stay calm around needles
  • I will speak easily about injections
  • I will understand the necessity of injections
  • I will cure my fear of injections
  • I will handle my thoughts about needles
  • I will get an injection when I need it
  • I will stay calm when thinking about needles
  • I will be at ease when getting injections

Natural Tense

  • I am naturally calm around needles
  • Injections are simple to handle
  • Injections keep me healthy
  • Needles are safe
  • Getting injections is easy
  • Seeing needles is something I can easily handle
  • Fearlessness is my natural state
  • My body is calm around needles
  • Handling needles is easy
  • My thoughts are controlled