Overcome Claustrophobia Affirmations

Time to vanquish your claustrophobia and enjoy a fear-free life with help of our powerful affirmations audio.

Overcome Claustrophobia Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Are you terrified when you need to use an elevator?
  • Do you imagine a disaster of huge proportions with no escape, every time you need to enter a confined space?
  • Would you like a proven method to help you get your fear of small or crowded spaces under control?

One would think: “Claustrophobia can't be that bad. I mean, how many times a week do you need to enter tiny spaces?“

But they would be wrong. Because you suffer the stress and anxiety when you need to walk into small or crowded spaces almost every day.

And every time you feel like a character in a disaster movie. The one who doesn’t make it.

It’s exhausting.

The only way to escape the awfulness is not to go anywhere and the saddest thing of all, is that you make that exact choice way too often.

So your fear-cycle goes somewhat like this:

You realize you need to enter a narrow room, ride on a crowded bus or get into an elevator. All the dreadful sensations which ran you over the last time strike again.

Then you picture the most horrible scenarios in which you get trapped and cannot escape. They all seem so real and there's no way you can control them.

Next you dread not only that all these things will actually happen, but that people around you will discover how freaked out you are and judge you.

But you are safe now.

So breathe.


Because the Overcome Claustrophobia Affirmations will help.

Of course, your reason tells you that the horrid fear of being in a restricted room, an elevator, a crowded bus or a train is groundless. However “knowing” doesn’t help you much. The main purpose of Overcome Your Claustrophobia Affirmations is to reprogram your brain so that it perceives these situations as normal.

If you listen to our simple yet powerful affirmations regularly they will strip those thoughts of their power while building your confidence to fight them.

They will help you break your fear-cycle. When you face a confined space you need to enter, repeat your favorite affirmations (but not in those situations alone). You'll soon notice that every time you recite them, you become less and less stressed and anxious.

However, do not expect results overnight. The album is not the cure and it would still be wise to consult a professional therapist as well.

What to Expect

These affirmations are designed to do three main things:

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Present Tense

  • I am always relaxed and at ease
  • I am calm on elevators
  • I am overcoming claustrophobia
  • I am fearless in small spaces
  • I am calm on trains
  • I am in control of myself
  • I breathe easily in tight spaces
  • I am safe even in crowded areas
  • I am comfortable in new places
  • I am perfectly fine being in a small room

Future Tense

  • I will overcome claustrophobia
  • I will stay relaxed in tight spaces
  • I will be just fine in large crowds
  • I will feel safe in closed spaces
  • I will enjoy train rides
  • I will breathe easily in closed rooms
  • I will stay calm in elevators
  • I will enjoy bus rides
  • I will control my fear
  • I will feel safe in elevators

Natural Tense

  • Tight spaces are safe
  • Staying calm comes naturally
  • My claustrophobia has melted away
  • My fear is controlled
  • Elevator rides are just a normal part of life
  • Bus rides are relaxing
  • Crowded spaces feel safe
  • Staying relaxed comes naturally to me
  • Closed spaces feel cozy
  • I am a strong person in spite of my claustrophobia