Overcome Fear of Flying Affirmations

Time to vanquish your fear of flying! Enjoy fear-free air travel with the help of our powerful affirmations audio.

Overcome Fear of Flying Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Does getting on a plane terrify you?
  • Do you imagine a disaster of huge proportions every time you need to take a flight?
  • Is your fear of flying stopping you from visiting places you’d love to explore?
  • Would you like a proven method to help you get your flight phobia under control?

“Traveling by air is the safest option for transportation. “Aircraft go through extensive testing before commencing a flight. “

And so on.

You must have read or heard information like this many times.

But they didn’t help.

Because you break out in a cold sweat when you so much as think of getting on a plane.

The last time you did fly, your heartbeat raced, you became extremely anxious and in a word, you were convinced you are dying.

Your fear is fierce and out of your control.

So, you can read all you want about plane safety, it doesn’t work on you.

However, your dreams are just as stubborn as your fear. You daydream about visiting distant exotic countries or your relatives abroad. You have many friends living on other continents and maybe even an outstanding job offer is waiting for you, if you only dare to get on a plane and seek that opportunity.

But what if there was a way?

What if a method that could strip your flight phobia of its power and rewire your mind frame exists?

One that’ll stop flying cause such a dread in you.

What if flying even became fun and enjoyable!?

Well, the Overcome Fear of Flying Affirmations is just the tool you need.

Listening to our simple yet powerful affirmations often enough will eliminate irrational and negative beliefs related to flying from your mind and replace them with positive ones.

Although not the cure for your phobia, you will soon notice that every time you recite your favorite affirmations, you feel less stressed and anxious when thinking about flying.

Also,you’ll have more faith in yourself. The audio will boost your inner-strength and you’ll feel 100% sure you can overcome this phobia.

What to Expect

These affirmations are designed to do three main things:

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Don’t waste another minute of your time being afraid of flying! Download your MP3 audio now, recover full control over your life and fly freely wherever you choose to!

Present Tense

  • I like flying
  • I look forward to taking flights
  • I am naturally positive when flying
  • I am calm when flying
  • I enjoy taking long flights
  • I relax when on planes
  • I visit new sights regularly
  • I enjoy traveling
  • I travel often
  • I can fly anywhere in the world

Future Tense

  • I will overcome my fear of flying
  • I will fly often
  • I will visit far away relatives
  • I will book flights without hesitation
  • I will banish my fear
  • I will live fearlessly
  • I am beginning to enjoy flying
  • I will look forward to traveling
  • I will relax on planes
  • I will have a carefree life

Natural Tense

  • Flying is fun
  • Long flights are relaxing
  • Plane rides are enjoyable
  • Visiting far away places is fun
  • Flying to business meetings is easy
  • My fear of flying is gone
  • Booking flights is exciting
  • Others see me as a frequent flyer
  • My life is free from fear
  • Flying is easy for me