Overcome Stage Fright Affirmations

Don’t let your stage fright stop you from fulfilling your dreams! Use these powerful affirmations to rewire your mind and win the crowd.

Overcome Stage Fright Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you have problems at work because you get too anxious to give presentations?
  • Does your stage fright prevent you from taking your career to the next level?
  • Is your fear of being on stage holding you back from performing the art you’re passionate about?
  • Would you like a method that’ll enable you to “unfreeze” on stage, become confident and thrive as a performer?

Maybe your stomach is in knots because you haven’t prepared your speech, performance or act well enough.


You perfected every sentence and every move. You memorized all of it. You are 100% ready.

Maybe your heart is pounding because the pressure is too high! If your presentation doesn’t go well, you could lose your job!

Again, not the case.

It is important to do well, but the world won’t end if you don’t.

Why then? Why do you tremble and shake, sweat and feel sick when you so much as think about speaking in public?

Because your fear is part of your human nature. We are all conditioned to dread exposure to some extent and regard the possibility of being judged or disliked as a threat. Our mind and body put up a hell of a fight to make sure we are safe.

Your case may just be a little worse than usual.

However, you shouldn’t let evolution or nature stand in the way of your success.

There are plenty of things you can do to fight your fright.

You can prepare weeks in advance. Know every line, every verse and every move inside out. You can rehearse as if the real thing. Setup everything you can as it will be when the day comes.

You can recite your Overcome Stage Fright Affirmations every day.

Remember, your fear is utterly irrational and unless you “shrink your stage fright on the inside”, when the time to confront your audience comes you may still be too nervous or anxious to continue.

Our affirmations album is designed to help you recognize negative thought patterns so you can shut them up. Listening to the audio will empower you to imagine yourself dazzling your audience instead.

As you recite and repeat the affirmations, your dread will lose its power and your self-confidence will flourish.

What to Expect

Our Overcome Stage Fright Affirmations audio does three main things:

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Download this mighty affirmations audio today! Get rid of your fear for good, unleash your full performing potential and shine on that stage like a star.

Present Tense

  • I thrive under pressure
  • I enjoy being on stage
  • I handle being in front of a crowd well
  • I am a natural performer
  • I look forward to performing on stage
  • I stay calm in front of others
  • I belong on the stage
  • I enjoy the spotlight
  • I am over my stage fright
  • I can perform flawlessly

Future Tense

  • I will stay calm under pressure
  • I will have great stage presence
  • I will remain calm in front of an audience
  • I will thrive under pressure
  • I will enjoy being on stage
  • I am beginning to enjoy the spotlight
  • I will overcome my stage fright
  • I will remain relaxed in front of a crowd
  • I will enjoy performing in front of a lot of people
  • I will perform flawlessly

Natural Tense

  • Being comfortable on stage comes naturally to me
  • Performing on stage is a wonderful feeling
  • Staying calm under pressure is easy
  • Others call me a natural performer
  • Crowds bolster my confidence
  • My stage fright is melting away
  • I love being in the spotlight
  • Performing is fun
  • Others see me as someone who thrives under pressure
  • I have nerves of steel