Overcome Fear of Surgery Affirmations

Get rid of your fear of surgery (tomophobia) with help of our transformational affirmations album and go through this experience calm and positive.

Overcome Fear of Surgery Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you worry now that you might need a surgery one day?
  • Do you need a surgery to get well, but you avoid to schedule one because you can’t stand the idea of someone operating on you?
  • Are you listed for a surgery and you can’t think about anything else?
  • Would you like a simple but powerful method to help you eliminate your disquiet and face your surgery in peace?

Nobody can argue that surgeries are pleasant.

Au contraire.

Whether you need to undergo “a light” wide awake day-case surgical intervention or a more complicated one that requires general anesthesia, it’s only normal to have questions, experience discomfort and be nervous.

As you realize though, the surgery is your best shot to recover from whatever medical problem you have, as you get answers to your questions and as your future surgeon earns your trust, you should be able to relax and expect a positive outcome.

But your anxiety doesn’t wear off.

You worry obsessively.

You keep picturing yourself lying helpless in that operating room, with your organs wide open.

In your vision, something always goes terribly wrong.

Doctors struggle for your life and give their best, but you bleed out.

When this catastrophic scenario unfolds in your head you begin to shiver, your heart speeds up its rhythm and you can't come down for hours.

As the surgery day approaches, you are sure you’ll suffer a heart attack. “This can’t end well.” you keep thinking.

But stop right there. This isn’t the way to get ready for your surgery and you know it.

Your fear is not rational. It has grown out of proportion and you need to tame your tomophobia quickly and make sure it doesn’t interfere with your recovery.

Luckily for you, we designed Overcome Fear of Surgery Affirmations to deal precisely with your kind of phobia.

Although not the cure for tomophobia and you would be wise seeking professional help, repeat and listen to these affirmations often enough and they will instill your mind with a new set of beliefs.

Plus, the album will eliminate your subconscious conviction and the underlying belief that something must go wrong during your surgery.

You will become convinced everything will work out just fine instead and that you will return to health in no time.

Here is how the album works in more detail:

What to Expect

If you listen to the Overcome Fear of Surgery Affirmations often enough, they will help you:

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Download your Overcome Tomophobia Affirmations MP3 now and face your surgery with confidence and worry-free!

Present Tense

  • I am ready for surgery
  • I am confident in my surgeon
  • I am comfortable in hospitals
  • I like doctors
  • I am safe on the operating table
  • I like hospitals
  • I know surgeons are skilled
  • I am in control of my thoughts
  • I am calm thinking about surgery
  • I am at peace with my surgery

Future Tense

  • I will sail through surgery
  • I will stay calm thinking about surgery
  • I am beginning to look forward to my surgery
  • I will be confident of my surgical results
  • I will feel safe in hospitals
  • I will be confident in my surgical team
  • I will be calm in the hospital
  • I will remain relaxed and at peace
  • I am getting ready for surgery
  • I will cure my fear of surgery

Natural Tense

  • Feeling safe in hospitals feels natural
  • My surgery will be successful
  • My fear is melting away
  • Thinking about surgery is easy for me
  • Staying calm comes naturally to me
  • Hospitals are healing
  • Surgery is helpful
  • My thoughts are controlled
  • Surgeons are very skilled
  • Operating rooms are safe