Improve in American Football Affirmations

Keep your mind in the game and train it to win, through these powerful positive affirmations.

Improve in American Football Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you struggle with stress and frustration when the game is not going as expected?
  • Do you find it difficult to ignore distractions and maintain focus and control?
  • Are you bringing your best and most confident game to matches?
  • Do you wish you had the mental strength to handle extreme pressure and maintain a high level of self-confidence to consistently perform at your peak?

According to all the surveys, football is America’s favorite sport and every year the Super Bowl has the highest ratings of all television events. It’s a high-intensity, extremely dynamic and aggressive game and football players need to possess incredible physical strength, speed and stamina to be successful at it.

But what really makes top professional football players stand out are their strong will, fortitude and determination and that requires superlative mental strength.

Just like training your body to prepare it for the physical demands of the sport, you have to dedicate yourself to training your mind too, in order to be mentally ready for all the challenges this game brings.

Top football players are regularly thrown into situations of exceptional pressure, coupled with intense public scrutiny and they need to have strong resilience and emotional steadiness in order to handle them. If you have dreams of becoming a champion player, you have to start today to consistently work on the mental side of your performance.

Affirmations are there to set you on the right path!This mp3 album is designed to reprogram your mind so that you can stay on target during practice and remain self-confident and poised to win throughout the game.

Listen to it regularly and you will be able to achieve the sharp concentration and mental discipline required to break through self-imposed limitations and reach your maximum potential.

What to Expect

Your mind can be your best or your worst asset on the football field. Affirmations will install in you that winning mindset you need to:

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Take action now - download this album and hone your mental skills to help you reach your true football potential.

Present Tense

  • I run fast
  • I am a solid player
  • I always train hard
  • I am focused on winning
  • I throw accurately
  • I block successfully
  • I am very coordinated
  • I am highly focused during practice
  • I am dedicated to training
  • I am motivated to win

Future Tense

  • I will train regularly
  • I will focus on winning
  • I will throw perfectly
  • I will outrun my opponent
  • I will stay focused on the game
  • I will concentrate on playing my best
  • I will run fast
  • I will play a great game
  • I will sharpen my reflexes
  • I will think clearly in pressure situations

Natural Tense

  • Football is my life
  • I have a winning attitude
  • Competing is fun
  • Running fast feels natural
  • Intense Focus comes naturally to me
  • Consistent training is important to my success
  • My throws are naturally on target
  • My body is perfect for football
  • I love studying football plays
  • My coordination is perfect