Improve in Tenpin Bowling Affirmations

Acquire the mindset that will make you stretch your limits and reach your full tenpin bowling potential with the help of these powerful affirmations.

Improve in Tenpin Bowling Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Is your lack of focus undermining your bowling abilities?
  • Is the pressure of the game sometimes too much to handle?
  • Are you looking for that extra push to take your bowling skills to another level?
  • Do you wish you had the power to ignore distractions, maintain a deep level of concentration and always be at the top of your game?

One of the most popular family activities the world over, tenpin bowling is a game anyone can play. Although it is beneficial to work on your flexibility and muscle strength to be able to control the heavy bowling ball, the set of skills required to excel do not necessarily include supreme physical prowess. Top bowlers need to develop a smooth approach, perfect aim and effective arm swing, but it is their mental skills that they have to work on the most.

In a sport like a tenpin bowling where games are won or lost by very small margins, your mindset can be the crucial factor that determines the final outcome. As any elite bowler capable of scoring a perfect 300 would tell you, it’s their ability to focus and keep their cool under pressure that gives them the confidence and a sense of mastery of the game, necessary to win that trophy.

Tenpin bowling is a suspenseful and exciting sport and mental skills like handling stress and maintaining control and attention, do not come easy.

Just like physical skills, it takes repetition and dedication to develop them and make them second nature.

This affirmations album is specially designed to help you achieve this!

These positive statements will instill in you, the confidence to calmly handle the most intense situations and the motivation to concentrate on taking your game to another level.

Whether you aspire to win a championship or you simply want to impress your friends at the next get-together, affirmations will enable you to develop the correct mindset that will underpin your bowling technique and make you get that strike every time.

What to Expect

Practice these affirmations routinely to watch your bowling skills flourish and your dreams of winning that coveted tournament trophy become true. Soon you will discover that:

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Ability to achieve your bowling goals comes from deep within you. Download this album and bring out the best in you to become a star bowler!

Present Tense

  • I am a great bowler
  • My release is smooth
  • My bowling arm is strong and steady
  • I focus on the pins perfectly
  • My mind is wired for perfect bowling technique
  • I am able to block out distractions
  • I always get a high score
  • I thrive under pressure
  • Others know me as a great bowler
  • I have a winning mindset

Future Tense

  • I will improve my score
  • I will focus on training
  • Getting strikes is becoming easier
  • I will block out distractions
  • I will uncover my potential in bowling
  • I will improve my accuracy
  • I will give my best effort
  • I will win at bowling
  • I will stay cool under pressure
  • I will improve continuously

Natural Tense

  • Bowling is easy
  • I can effortlessly rack up the strikes
  • I love bowling
  • Winning at bowling comes naturally to me
  • I can focus easily
  • Accuracy is one of my strengths
  • My bowling skills are obvious
  • Bowling comes naturally to me
  • My average score is climbing
  • My coordination is excellent