Improve in Ice Hockey Affirmations

Use this empowering affirmations album and find the drive and motivation to be the top-notch ice hockey player you always dreamed of becoming.

Improve in Ice Hockey Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you find it difficult to focus on the game when it counts the most?
  • Are the frequent fumbles and mistakes making you lose your self-confidence?
  • Do you struggle to find the drive to practice and keep yourself in shape?
  • Do you wish you could learn how to handle the pressure so that you could stay alert, maintain strong focus and take your game to the next level?

Players know that in order to be at the top of their hockey game, they need to invest enormous amounts of time and effort in practice, both at the gym and out on the ice.

Although they sometimes struggle to find the willpower and drive it takes to fully commit to hard work on developing the physical ability needed for optimal performance, they often completely neglect to train their mental abilities required to compete.

Ice hockey is a fast, intense and exciting team sport and there is no doubt a player needs to be in great physical shape. But to handle the constant pressure of the game and keep playing aggressively, regardless of the opponent or the score?

Well, that requires a strong mindset and nerves of steel.

To be successful in ice hockey you need to be mentally strong to stay resilient to circumstances that can upset your concentration and maintain a high level of self-confidence to consistently perform at your peak, until the final whistle.

Affirmations are designed to help you achieve this! They will enable you to train your brain to perfect those mental aspects of your game so that you can always remain calm and focused and ready to handle the most challenging situations.

Begin reciting these affirmations regularly to uncover your true hockey abilities and set the ice on fire with your skills!

What to Expect

Develop your positive mental approach to ice hockey and stay centered and in control when the going gets tough. Our simple, but powerful affirmations will ensure that:

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Ready to discover your true potential? Download this album and develop a strong winning mindset of a true hockey champion.

Present Tense

  • I am a skilled hockey player
  • I enjoy practicing
  • I am focused on winning
  • I am motivated to train frequently
  • I am an important part of my hockey team
  • I think like a pro hockey player
  • I am a great skater
  • I have perfect shot accuracy
  • I am aware of plays as they develop
  • I always get myself into scoring position

Future Tense

  • I will play become a great hockey player
  • I will practice regularly
  • I will train with dedication
  • I will perfect my passing
  • I will focus my mind on the game
  • I will think like a pro
  • I will transform into a scoring machine
  • I will always play my hardest
  • I am becoming a top-level skater
  • I will keep getting better at hockey no matter what

Natural Tense

  • Scoring comes easily to me
  • Winning feels natural
  • Practicing is fun
  • Skating comes naturally to me
  • Others see me as a great hockey player
  • I naturally think like a pro player
  • My shot accuracy is perfect
  • My mind is finely-tuned for ice hockey
  • I have a natural awareness for scoring opportunities
  • Being on the ice feels natural to me