Improve in Pool Affirmations

Unleash the full potential of your pool playing skills by developing the mindset of a true winner.

Improve in Pool Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you struggle to keep your self-confidence under intense pressure?
  • Is your concentration and focus on the game easily shattered?
  • Are you stuck at a certain ability level, unable to move forward?
  • Do you wish you had polished skills, perfect aim and the superlative self-control of those players you admire?

To be good at pool it’s not enough to have a steady hand, accurate aim and be able to consistently get the balls in the pocket. To master this game you need to keep cool under pressure and remain focused and in control even in the most intense situations.

Playing pool requires a wide range of mental skills. You need to be able to scan the situation, calculate the natural path and destination of the ball and make a decision about the sequence of actions well before you step up to the table to make your shot.

Players need to do all this in intense situations, when the game is hanging on the balance and one mistake can lead to defeat.

The high concentration and focus required can be upset in many ways and pool players often get overwhelmed by pressure and stress. They lose their self-confidence and start doubting their abilities which further undermines their performance.

This is why the best players work hard on developing not just their technique, but their mental toughness as well.

Whether you are just an amateur or a professional player, this positive affirmations album is carefully designed to help you program your mind, to deflect negative thoughts that lead you to lose confidence in your abilities and enable you to embrace positive messages that will empower you and give you that boost you need to improve your game.

This new winning mindframe will give you back the control you need to look at pressure as just an additional push, that challenges you to stretch your limits and reach your true potential.

What to Expect

Power to become an excellent pool player lies within your mind! Use these affirmations regularly and you will soon find that you are able to:

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Listen to this mp3 album and it will help place you in the optimal mindset to succeed in the game of pool and take your game to the level you aspire.

Present Tense

  • I have great aim
  • I am a confident pool player
  • I am a consistent winner
  • I am totally focused
  • I am motivated to practice regularly
  • I am highly skilled at pool
  • I effortlessly visualize the perfect shot
  • I am known as a top pool player
  • I am confident in my abilities
  • I thrive under pressure

Future Tense

  • I will practice seriously
  • I will focus my mind on the game
  • I will maintain a deep level of concentration
  • I will ignore distractions
  • I will win at pool
  • I will make perfect shots
  • I will improve my technique
  • I will clear my mind when playing pool
  • I am improving my pool game
  • I will visualize winning

Natural Tense

  • Playing pool comes naturally to me
  • Focusing is easy
  • Practicing is fun
  • Winning at pool comes easily to me
  • Concentrating on pool feels natural
  • Visualizing victory is important to my success
  • My mind stays clear when playing pool
  • My aim is perfect
  • My confidence is high
  • My grip on the pool stick is relaxed and steady