Improve in Rugby Affirmations

Use these positive affirmations to unleash the power that mental strength and resilience can have on your development as a rugby player.

Improve in Rugby Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Does your concentration falter when you need it the most?
  • Do you lose your self-confidence before a big match?
  • Is the pressure of the game sometimes too much to bear?
  • Do you wish you had the winning mindset and stellar focus and control of a professional rugby player?

A fast and exciting contact sport full of aggressive tackles and often brutal collisions, rugby is certainly not a game for the faint-hearted. Besides possessing considerable physical strength, speed, and stamina, players have to be extremely resilient and tough and be able to stay alert and energetic for extended periods of time.

However, it’s not always who is the toughest, strongest or the fastest that decides the outcome of a rugby match.

All the efforts you invested in physical training and technique won't help you if you get too anxious before the match, start focusing on the wrong things, or engage in negative thoughts and end up losing your self-confidence.

Mental toughness is defined as how well a player can handle high-pressure situations and maintain intense concentration and strong performance. After you were just tackled at full speed by your opponent who is much bigger than you, regaining your composure and focus to make a play, while every bit of you is aching, takes fortitude, determination and incredible mental strength.

This affirmations album is specially designed to help rugby players develop the clarity of mind and strong concentration required to be able to utilize their physical strength and skills to the maximum and maintain stability and consistency of their play.

Train your mind to put your fears and self-doubts aside and you will be able to reach beyond your imagined limitations, to take your performance to the next level!

What to Expect

Practice this mp3 album regularly and it will enable you to easily adopt the mindset, attitude and behavior of a mentally tough champion rugby player, and soon you will realize:

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The power to make your dreams come true lies in your hands! Start using these affirmations today to transform your rugby skills from average to elite!

Present Tense

  • I am a great rugby player
  • I am dedicated to training
  • I am a focused player
  • I run fast
  • I throw forcefully and accurately
  • I am always in peak shape
  • I have accurate passing skills
  • I concentrate fully and easily
  • I have sharp reflexes
  • I have control of the ball at all times

Future Tense

  • I will train rigorously
  • I will focus on the game
  • I will push myself during training
  • I will become a great rugby player
  • Others will know me as a successful player
  • I am improving my concentration skills
  • I will throw accurately
  • I will retain ball control
  • I am building my confidence
  • I am improving my accuracy

Natural Tense

  • I love rugby
  • Training often is just a normal part of my life
  • Winning feels great
  • Concentrating comes easily to me
  • Others are in awe of my rugby skills
  • My rugby skills are constantly improving
  • Focusing feels natural to me
  • Throwing the ball is easy
  • Training is something I always look forward to
  • Ball control is easy for me