Improve in Golf Affirmations

Maintain your focus on the golf course and handle pressure like a pro, with the help of these powerful affirmations.

Improve in Golf Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Is your lack of focus undermining your game?
  • Are you buckling under pressure and struggling to remain in control?
  • Is it getting harder to improve your score?
  • Do you wish you could have the mental strength of a golfing champion to give you that massive edge over your competition?

These days all top golf players employ a special sports psychologist to help them develop the right frame of mind and to teach them how to stay in the zone for the duration of their round. This should come as no surprise because in golf, what decides who wins or loses is not just who has the best swing or the most accurate aim, but who is mentally the strongest player.

Golf is an individual sport and when you find yourself struggling to cope with stress and anxiety there is no one else to turn to on the fairway but yourself. If you allow discouraging thoughts to undermine your confidence and your emotional swings to upset your golf swing, this will show on your scorecard.

It’s important to keep pushing your physical limits, but to truly excel in this sport you have to increase your resilience and readiness to embrace challenges without succumbing to pressure.

Our positive affirmations will enable you to develop a winning mindset that will keep you calm, alert and in control when you step on the golf course and enable you to take your performance to a higher level. Whether you just want to impress your friends or be at the top of your game for the competition, these positive statements will empower you to become oblivious to all distractions and keep your attention fully fixed on your next shot.

Practice these simple mental strategies before and during the round and soon you will be breaking into new scoring levels and consistently improving your play.

What to Expect

If you take the time to train your brain with these positive affirmations, your scores will tumble and your golf game will be better than you ever imagined. Soon you will be able to:

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Download this album and develop the winning mindset you need to start realizing your full potential as a golfer.

Present Tense

  • I am a focused player
  • I have a steady swing
  • I am very alert
  • I remain focused for long periods of time
  • I concentrate easily
  • I am a great golfer
  • I thrive under pressure
  • I am in the zone
  • I am a confident player
  • I have an accurate swing

Future Tense

  • I am improving my game
  • I am growing more confident
  • I will be a successful golfer
  • I will win consistently
  • I will perfect my swing
  • I will stay focused under pressure
  • My swing is becoming more steady
  • I will be aware of my posture
  • I will continually improve my golf game
  • I am developing a perfect stance

Natural Tense

  • Playing golf comes naturally to me
  • Golf is my life
  • Practicing golf is something I truly enjoy
  • My swing is steady
  • Focusing comes easily
  • Others recognize how well I play
  • Concentrating feels natural
  • My posture is perfect
  • Golf is fun
  • Winning is easy