Improve in Snooker Affirmations

Use these affirmations to get the winning mindset and develop mental skills you need to become a top-notch snooker player.

Improve in Snooker Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you find it impossible to improve your game, no matter how hard you practice?
  • Is pressure sometimes getting the best of you, making you too anxious to show your true skills?
  • Are you easily distracted and find it hard to focus on your game?
  • Do you wish you could master the cool composure and supreme self-confidence of the professional snooker players and take your game to another level?

As any player would tell you, snooker is first and foremost a mind game. Besides having a perfect technique, a snooker player should be able to think five shots ahead, develop a winning strategy and execute it smoothly. Without making a mistake.

And that requires supreme self-confidence, a calm demeanor and the ability to handle pressure when the going gets tough.

Sometimes a simple miss puts you back in your chair and all you can do is watch as your relentless opponent scoops up your points. Negative thoughts full of self-doubt start flooding your mind and you get easily distracted and frustrated. You find yourself discouraged, completely losing your focus on the game, missing shots you would never do in practice.

Top snooker players always appear to be steady and calm, guarding their emotions behind the impassive facade, perfectly in control of their game, as if nothing can faze them.

Do you wish you had their ability to ignore distractions, to maintain a deep level of concentration and be fully in the moment?

This is completely possible through these positive affirmations that will help you develop a winning mindset and stay confident, focused and in control, even under extreme pressure. These powerful messages will help train your mind to remain mentally poised to win, so that you can focus on playing to the best of your ability.

What to Expect

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Present Tense

  • I am a focused snooker player
  • I enjoy practicing snooker
  • I always win at snooker
  • Others see me as a great snooker player
  • I am a skilled snooker player
  • I have perfect aim
  • I am a natural at snooker
  • I always practice seriously
  • I have a solid concentration
  • I have perfect control over my mind when playing snooker

Future Tense

  • I will stay focused
  • My aim is getting better and better
  • I will concentrate fully
  • I am improving my snooker skills every day
  • I will win at snooker
  • I will dedicate myself to training
  • I will unlock my natural snooker talent
  • I am perfecting my snooker technique
  • My confidence is steadily increasing
  • I will stay calm when playing snooker

Natural Tense

  • Playing snooker comes naturally to me
  • Winning at snooker is easy
  • My aim is perfect
  • My technique is flawless
  • Practicing snooker is fun
  • Self-confidence comes naturally
  • Playing snooker is my life
  • My focus is unshakeable
  • Snooker is easy for me
  • My mind is finely-tuned for playing snooker