Improve in Tennis Affirmations

Looking for that extra edge over your tennis opponents? Stay calm, confident and ready to make the play in the most challenging situation, with the help of this affirmations album.

Improve in Tennis Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Is it hard letting go of mistakes and failures to concentrate on the match?
  • Do you find yourself buckling under pressure at the crucial moments of the game?
  • Are you unable to perform up to your maximum ability in tournaments?
  • Do you wish you could handle pressure, always remain in control of your game and play with the absolute confidence and ease of a true tennis champion?

You are in excellent physical shape and you train very hard to perfect your strokes and develop speed and endurance. And yet, when you step on the tennis court you get nervous and distracted, you struggle to keep calm and stay focused on the next shot. When you begin to realize your head breaks down before your body does, it’s time to start working on the mental side of the game!

All professional tennis players would agree that mental strength plays a crucial part in their success. Sometimes the major battle in a tennis match is not the one played against the opponent, but the one taking place in a player’s own mind.

In a game of starts and stops like tennis, mental toughness between points is crucial for strong performance on the court.

Top players use that time to process the last point and mentally prepare for the next so that they can enter the zone where the mind and the body are perfectly in tune and focus all their attention on making a shot. This requires not only immense concentration, but also supreme willpower and self-control.

Do you wish you could master these skills and learn to remain confident, focused and in control of your emotions so that you can get the most out of your physical ability?

Our affirmations album can help you achieve this! If you integrate these simple, yet powerful statements into your daily training routine, you will develop the confident mindset that will heighten your natural abilities and enable you to consistently tap into your full potential.

What to Expect

Affirmations will enable you to stay calm under intense pressure and quickly rebound from mistakes, to close out the match in style. Listen to this mp3 album and it will inspire you to:

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Your mind can be your best or worst asset on the court. Download this mp3 album today and acquire the winning mindset of a champion.

Present Tense

  • I am an excellent tennis player
  • I always play tennis with intensity
  • I am a fast sprinter
  • I have an accurate swing
  • My serve is powerful
  • I am focused on playing well
  • I am dedicated to practicing
  • I have a winning mindset
  • I always play to win
  • Others see me as a gifted tennis player

Future Tense

  • I am developing into a top level player
  • I will practice intensely
  • I will return serves with ease
  • I will focus on winning
  • I am improving my level of concentration
  • Winning tennis games is becoming easier and easier
  • I will stay focused
  • I will develop a powerful backswing
  • I am starting to enjoy practicing
  • I will improve my serve

Natural Tense

  • Tennis comes naturally to me
  • Practicing tennis is fun
  • I have a powerful and accurate serve
  • My mind is clear and focused on tennis
  • I was born to play tennis
  • My concentration level is high
  • My shot accuracy is superb
  • Others think of me as a natural born tennis player
  • Winning comes easily to me
  • My reflexes are naturally fast and sharp